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John Piper: 7 Biblical Reasons to Never Send Nude Selfies

5. If a man asks an unmarried woman to show him her body, by definition he is unworthy of her: unworthy of her trust, her affection and her covenant. That request that he is making, in itself, should be enough for the woman to say goodbye. I mean this. I really mean this. Come on, women. If any woman thinks that is normal male Christian behavior, it is not. It is sick. It means he is clueless as to godliness. It means that when he gets tired of you before or after marriage, he will feel free to ask someone else to take off her clothes. And if he can’t get it in person, he will get it from the Internet. And you will have told him it is OK, because you cooperated before marriage, not just in marriage. So, just settle it. If he asks, he is unworthy—period. It is over.

6. In the Song of Solomon, which exults in nudity between a married man and woman, it says, more than once, “I adjure you, O daughters of Jerusalem, by the gazelles or the does of the field, that you not stir up or awaken love until it pleases” (Song 2:7; see also 3:5; 8:4). That is exactly what sexually erotic pictures do that we are not supposed to do. They stir up desire that cannot be lawfully satisfied, which means they will lead to masturbation or to fornication.

I don’t know what goes on inside a woman’s head. But I can only think that it is a deformed sense of sexuality if a woman gets pleasure out of helping a man act like a 13-year-old boy with his masturbation. Is that really the kind of man she wants?

7. And finally, number seven, the least important reason. It is the least important reason and may be the most compelling. To take such pictures is virtually certain that they will go public sooner or later, and you will discover what God meant by bringing judgment on yourself.

So, with God’s authority, I think I can say to both men and women: Don’t ask and don’t give nude selfies.