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6 Worship Thoughts For Congregational Leaders From Eric Geiger

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Our Lead Worship Pastor, DK (Daniel Kim), asked me to speak to all our worship leaders from all our congregations about some theological convictions that I hope inform our weekend worship gatherings. This is not an exhaustive list. Nor do I think it is an inerrant list! But I do love serving alongside others who want to discuss how our beliefs about God, the Church, and leading worship should impact how we plan our gatherings. I am thankful to serve with leaders who want what we do to be rooted in what we believe. I am passing these worship thoughts because they may be helpful for other ministry leaders.

6 Worship Thoughts

1. You shepherd the gathering of called-out ones.

As a worship leader, you are helping shepherd God’s people into the presence of the only One who can transform them. While some believe you should think first about the non-believer in the room, the word “church” means gathering and also “the called-out ones.” Our worship services are the gathering of the called-out ones, people who have been called out by His grace and placed in community with each other. At the same time, we are hospitable to guests who are exploring the Christian faith. So, we communicate in understandable language while believing that we honor the guest in our worship gatherings by showing them what we believe about our God.

2. Music, artistry, and creativity are God’s gifts and point to Him (general revelation).

Enjoy being creative because God is creative. Bring excellence in your craft because music helps us reflect, express, and be in awe. Value the artists in your care and the arts as a whole for helping people encounter God.