How to Jumpstart Your Creativity

jumpstart your creativity
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This is as good a time as any to take your creativity to the next level. You can jumpstart your creativity. So, to help get you out of the doldrums, here are 10 important steps to give your creative thinking a shot in the arm:

How to Jumpstart Your Creativity

1. Don’t be afraid to daydream. Neurological research indicates daydreaming is good for your overall health. Much like nightdreaming, daydreaming allows ideas and connect randomly in our minds. Goof off more and stop worrying about it.

2. Stop working randomly. Discover your “zone” – the time of day when you’re most creative, and don’t forget that “where” matters too. I take a deep dive into this subject in my book “Ideas on a Deadline: How to Be Creative When the Clock is Ticking.” You can’t live out your intention in the wrong environment. Your energy level matters, so constantly be tweaking all the different aspects of your life to create great work, and become aligned for optimal performance. Best advice? Stop managing your time and start managing your energy.

3. Value intuition and the power of hunches. Our “gut” is often more accurate than we think. Stop analyzing everything and start really looking. See things no one else sees. Intuition must be developed, so start listening to it.