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Don’t Feed the Dragons at Your Church

How much time, energy and money do you spend feeding the dragons in your church?

I’m not talking about apocalyptic imagery from Revelation.

I’m talking about one of the biggest reasons your church may be struggling to gain traction.

I define a dragon as “an institutionalized drain on resources.”

Yes, believe it or not, there may be elements in your church which could be devouring resources … and which have been intentionally created by you, your team or leadership predecessors.

These elements not only fail to move your church forward, they draw so many resources out of your church they can actually prevent you from moving ahead.

Examples of these dragons include:

The mortgage on a building that no longer suits your needs,

The ministry or program which continues to exist despite no longer aligning with your vision,

The staff person whose development has not kept pace with the growing demands of the ministry,

The tradition that is completely out of touch with your present reality.

You get the idea.

These are all dragons that must be fed.

You can either keep feeding them, or you can pay attention to these five reasons you need to slay your dragons.

If you don’t slay them: