The Power of Singing

I used to come in to the building through the side door of the sanctuary, and every time I would enter the church alone, I would begin to clap my hands and sing praises. It wasn’t something I had learned; just what I felt in my spirit to do. I recognized that the oppression needed to be challenged. I would come into the room, close the door, and begin praising Jesus as I walked through the sanctuary and up the aisle to go to my office, which was back next to the foyer at the front of the building. I would be saying, “Praise Your Name, Jesus, Hallelujah, Lord!” and I would clap my hands—“Praise Your Name, oh Jesus, Hallelujah”—would literally sing the words, clapping my hands.

I was conscious of challenging something in the atmosphere of that place. The singing was an assertive, aggressive opposition to it. I would sing in my spiritual language and I would continue, “Hallelujah Lord, Glory to Your Name, oh Jesus … .” I would go into my office, do whatever work I had—might be there for three hours, might be there 10 minutes. When I got done, I’d turn around and walk back out, and I’d do the same thing: singing praises and clapping my hands.

I didn’t tell anybody that I did it. Not because I felt foolish about it; I just didn’t feel any need to tell anybody. But I knew it was something I was supposed to do. And I did it.

It was a year and a half later on a Sunday morning that the breakthrough came. It would be years after that that I would understand what I was doing back then. But at that time, I was simply being prompted by the Holy Spirit. What had been going on is described in Isaiah 54:1-5, which begins, “Sing, O barren. … Break forth into singing, and cry aloud.” The church had been “barren.” And the experience opened my understanding that song is a Kingdom key to the release of Jesus’ life and power among His people for:

•    Fruitfulness, increase and multiplication (Isaiah 54:1-5)

•    Victory in battle (2 Chronicles 20)

•    Confrontation of bondage (Psalm 42:8; 32:7)

•    Spiritual breakthrough (Acts 16:25-26)

•    Release of God’s Word in your life (Colossians 3:16)

•    Igniting the creative power of God (Job 38:4-7)

Loved one, song is life-begetting. It is a natural means of uniting together, a beautiful means of praise and worship, and a powerful means of challenging darkness and declaring the truth. This isn’t simply poetry; it’s God’s Word for you.

Copyright 2014 by Jack W. Hayford. All rights reserved. Used by permission from Jack Hayford Ministries, P.O. Box 92627, Southlake, TX 76092  

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