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10 Ways to Have a Fantastic Worship Experience

6. Celebrate a moment

While keeping score is bad, it is good to remind ourselves of what worked for us. What moment before, during or after the service did we experience something from God? Surely, if we look for it, there might be more to celebrate than we originally imagined.

7. Promote the good

While it is good to remind ourselves of the good, why not express that sentiment to others? Tell a friend or put on Facebook a blurb about your growing connection to God and see what doors open for you and those who know you!

8. Learn to see God

What is it about God that you look for at church each week? Many of the things we feel disappointed about in our experiences have little to do with things God does! We look to the vehicle of our worship more than the object of our worship. Raising hands might be a means to help me focus, but it is not God. My emotions might be a help at times but can be the opposite as well. What is God and what is not?

9. Own the issue

The worship team might be off-key or unprepared on a particular weekend. Maybe the pastor repeated a sermon he preached six times in the past four years. The building may be too cold in the winter or too warm in the summer. Blame shifting to your leaders or even the building is not an excuse. Sure, it does not help to have terrible leadership if that is the case. Taking ownership may open you up to experience the presence of God.

10. Believe God is there

While we can work on many tactical matters of our posture in worship, the fact is this: We must believe God’s presence is a constant reality. In this reality, corporate worship offers a unique magnification of His presence through His word and the table we sit at together. Do you believe God is here in our worship?

What other ideas and thoughts can you share that might help us have fantastic worship experiences?