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10 Tests of Good Praise and Worship Leadership

5. Is the worship band growing and improving?

Is your worship band stuck in a rut? Are you adding new members? Are you growing spiritually and musically? Is your worship team growing spiritually and musically?

6. Is the worship band worshiping?

Is the band just playing music or are they worshiping as they play? When the congregation looks at the band are they inspired to worship God? Are you and your team modeling what you want to see in the congregation?

7. Are you training up new worship leaders?

Jesus told us to make disciples. If your area of ministry is worship then you need to work on growing new worship leaders. Are new worship leaders growing up in your ministry?

8. Is the pastoral staff worshiping with you?

Having a good relationship with the pastoral staff is integral to your long-term success. Does the staff trust you on stage? Are they setting a good example in their worship of God?

9. Are you spending regular time with God in Bible reading and prayer?

Public leading is only the tip of the iceberg. Your personal relationship with God is the most important part of your worship. How is your prayer life? Are you consistently reading and studying the Bible?