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4 (Detailed) Worship Leader Tips to Improve Your Worship Leading


Leading people in worship to the Living God is an awesome privilege and involves four major areas: music, worship, leadership and your relationship with God. The more you understand and grow in each area, the stronger your worship leading should become. I have been leading worship with congregations ranging from 70 to 7,000 people for over 25 years, and I am still learning. Here are worship leader tips to consider for growth in your own personal journey.

4 Worship Leader Tips to Improve Your Worship Leading

1. Develop your music skills for worship leading.

2. Develop your worship skills for worship leading.

  • Worship in private
  • Study worship in the Bible
  • Understand the progression of worship
  • Study under a strong worship leader
  • Serve faithfully on a worship team
  • Watch great teams online (Hillsong, Bethel, Gateway, Elevation, Lakewood, Passion)
  • Read great books on worship (Some of my favorite books on worship)
  • Develop strong stage presence Learn to pick great worship songs (12 Keys to Picking Great Songs)
  • Be a lifelong student of worship

3. Develop your leadership skills for worship leading.

  • Love people
  • Learn the importance of serving – Matthew 20:28
  • Lead yourself and your home well
  • Be faithful with whatever opportunities (small or large) God opens up
  • Learn good administrative skills (The Role of a Music Director)
  • Learn to run great rehearsals (10 Tips on Improving Your Worship Rehearsal)
  • Develop your own strong team
  • Learn to communicate in front of an audience
  • Learn how to be a constructive member of a pastoral team 
  • Develop a good relationship with your pastor
  • Mentor future leaders and grow your worship team (12 Keys to Being a Successful…)
  • Read leadership books (My favorite books on worship)
  • Study other leaders and be a lifelong student of leadership styles

4. Develop your relationship with God for worship leading.

  • Read the Bible daily
  • Pray daily – Luke 5:16
  • Listen to what God says
  • Listen to what God is saying to the church
  • Do what God is telling you to do – John 5:19
  • Learn to trust Him more daily
  • Keep your heart soft and pliable before God – Revelation 2:4
  • Learn from other great men and women of God
  • Learn to love the church like Jesus loves the church (Top 10 Guidelines)

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This list of worship leader tips originally appeared here.