Teaching Your People to Worship

Teaching Your People to Worship

If you have been in the ministry for a while you know that the arts department has a tendency to draw people of all colors and expressions. We are a bit different as people who are for the most part on the creative side. We see things in a different light and approach things in different ways.

Because we tend to draw in people who have creative backgrounds and talents in the arts, there is a strong tendency for us to want to use our gifts to help fulfill a need within us. We have all come across people who want to get up and “sing for the Lord” in our “worship times.” We also have some very gifted people who serve on the worship teams and are a part of our worship services. I would like to challenge you with a thought concerning those we have in places of leadership in our worship ministries. Questions we will look at are: What is their place in the service? What motives do they have for serving? And are they called or awed? If you do not understand or believe that those God calls to a ministry He equips to do that ministry then you will probably disagree with what will be said from here on out.

I believe with all my heart that God called me to the specific ministry of worship—more specifically, teaching and leading worship. I also believe that God has gifted me to do what He has called me to do. He has equipped me through experience and education as well as given me a certain level of natural talent. He has also given me a great desire to use these gifts in ministry. One thing God has not gifted me to do is preach. I would love to be able to preach. I would love to be able to communicate the gospel in such a way that people would respond to it and lives would be changed. You know what? It’s not going to happen (at least not at this point in my life). I could force it and even have the opportunity to do it, but, it would be terrible and believe me you would get very little out of it if you stayed awake long enough. No matter how much I would love to preach, God has not gifted me in that area. I have no experience or education in the area and it is best for all that I don’t do it.

Now bringing it a bit closer to home. We all have people who want to “sing” or “act” or play their instruments in our services. You more than likely have come across people who have a great desire to be a part. What is the right thing to do? Let them participate because they have a desire to be a part. Should anyone who has a desire to sing to the Lord or sing a song for the Lord get up and do it in our services? I know that most of us feel that the answer to most of these questions is no.

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