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What Are Reasonable Worship Leader Expectations?

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I thought the congregation expected a full band, lights and the whole shebang every week or they would not come back. Turns out, I was wrong. What are reasonable worship leader expectations?

Not too long ago, my church lost the place we called home. The building we rented was scheduled to be torn down to make way for bigger and greater things.

An endless search for a new building yielded no results. So we went mobile and are now meeting in a hotel conference room.

What are Reasonable Worship Leader Expectations?

In an effort to keep weekly setup simple, we ditched the vibrant LED lights and modern stage background. I thought the church would care that this was missing…but they didn’t.

We continued to set up a complete sound system and use a full band. I thought if we didn’t have at least this, the congregation would complain and eventually leave.