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What's Wrong with Modern Church Music?

From an American newspaper in an article objecting to new trends in church music.

There are several reasons for opposing it.

1. It’s too new.

2. It’s often worldly, even blasphemous.

3. The new Christian music is not as pleasant as the more established style.

4. Because there are so many new songs you can’t learn them all.

5. It puts too much emphasis on instrumental music rather than Godly lyrics.

6. The new music creates disturbances making people act indecently and disorderly.

7. The preceding generation got along perfectly without it.

8. It’s a moneymaking scam.

9. And some of these new music upstarts are lewd and loose.

You might think this was written recently. But it was written by an American preacher, a church leader attacking Isaac Watts, the hymn writer who wrote the hymn “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” published in 1707.

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