The Cost of Nondiscipleship

Here we go! My first blog in a while, but I’m thrilled to be a part of the Radical (book by David Platt) read-along community! This book is going to be a doozy, I can tell that from just the first chapter!

When we hear the word radical, I think it’s accurate to suggest that there has to be an opposite lifestyle. Living a life that is “not radical”. I think ALL OF US live that kind of a life. A life where we try to tell ourselves that some of our actions are radical enough….for the moment. Blending into our communities and not doing anything too obvious that would make us look radically ignorant to those around us.

Everything in life is about community, isn’t it? Then why do we think we can escape living a life where we view the community around us as important as God has? As David puts it on page 18 – “the cost of nondiscipleship is profoundly greater for us than the cost of discipleship”. We can easily escape by getting busy, tired, becoming undisciplined with our spending, maybe saving more than we need, or try to tackle this life in all sorts of ways that center around us getting something out of it. The reality is, most of suck at life if we would just admit it. Who would look at a life like that and call it radical? If God wouldn’t, then I think we’ve taken our first baby step in the wrong direction.

Living a radical life for God should scare us a bit. The fear of the Lord that Psalm 111:10 talks about makes a whole lot of sense when you start questioning the essence of your life. Are we ready to start asking questions?

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