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If You are the Parent of Challenging Teen, This is Worth a Look…

A friend of mine shared a link to a blog written by a single mom of 3 teens. Identities are anonymous to protect the relationships involved, but the authenticity is loud even in the absence of names and places.

I was moved.

I appreciate the struggle of trying to parent in the face of challenging circumstances and preconceived notions. I relate with the emotions of mistakes made and attempts to get it right (even if I didn’t start right).

If you’ve ever had trouble reconciling parenting “advice” with a unique kid who isn’t responding well…I encourage you to check this out. The author brings a fresh voice outside cliche answers and gets to what love looks like; Jesus.

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Kem is the Communications Director at Granger Community Church. Kem leads worskshops, speaks at conferences and blogs about finding ways to remove the barriers that keep people from connecting with Christ. Kem is also the author "Less Clutter. Less Noise."