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Why Easier Isn't Usually Better In Social Media

It’s easy to rent a mailing list and blast a million people on email.

It’s better to have a list of people who chose to hear from you.

It’s easy to use a service to automatically follow people on Twitter and target people who will likely follow you back so your numbers are more impressive.

It’s better to be followed by people who actually want to connect with you because you’re interesting.

It’s easy to run a contest to boost your Facebook fans.

It’s better to be engaging regularly so people want to talk with you often.

It’s easy to have someone else write your blog posts for you.

It’s better to do it yourself since nobody can really be you as well as you can be you.

It’s easy to start without a plan.

It’s better to know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

It’s easy to seed the comments on Amazon so your product reviews are favorable.

It’s better to fix the product when the reviews aren’t favorable.

It’s usually easier to do the easy thing.

It’s often better to do the hard thing.

Social media done right requires hard work. Don’t look for shortcuts that undermine everything that makes social media strong.

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Bill Seaver founded MicroExplosion Media in fall 2007 and has been blogging since June 2006. Bill has consulted numerous organizations to help them understand and apply social media into their marketing initiatives. He's led seminars, corporate training sessions, and numerous social media campaigns to include blog strategy and development, Google AdWords, podcasts, online video strategy, widget development, social media marketing campaigns, blogger networks, and social networking campaigns.