A Visible Faith

It’s not the water, the denomination of your church, or the right and the wrongs.

Sometimes it’s just about being genuine. Living out your faith in a way that can’t help but be seen clearly. When we make daily choices to follow God, either for the first time or more closely, He will be glorified and will be evident in our lives. If He’s not yet in yours, maybe you really haven’t decided?

It’s clear in the video below that some people have decided. Great stuff, Elevation Church (Charlotte, NC)!

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Gabe Taviano
Gabe is the owner of Taviano Design, a web design, graphic design, web hosting and consulting firm located in Columbus, OH. He also created and launched DigitalDisciples.net, an online community for discussions on technology, training, and biblical fellowship. Gabe hosts a regular podcast called GodsMac.com to bring people together and to help them fully utilize technology for the good of the Kingdom.