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Youth Sermon Series Ideas: 40 Topics to Spark Great Teen Talks

youth sermon series ideas

While presenting at youth conferences, I often lead a seminar called “Creating a Series from Scratch.” Recently, I asked attendees to brainstorm a list of youth sermon series ideas. Before long, they suggested dozens of great sermon and series possibilities for teens.

I want to share all these ideas with my fellow youth workers. I hope you benefit from them. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even inspire you to come up with more super ideas of your own.

Check out this awesome list!

40 Youth Sermon Series Ideas

  1. Superheroes (from the Bible and from modern-day life)
  2. In-n-out (of church)
  3. Live love. Live loved.
  4. LinkedIn: Get connected
  5. Stressed Out (dealing with anxiety)
  6. Church History 101
  7. I (Heart)
  8. I hurt
  9. How I Met Your Mother (dating, romance, etc.)
  10. Social Injustice (Why does it exist? What should Christians do about it?)
  11. Lair, Lunatic, or Lord? (Who do people say Jesus is? Who do you say he is?)
  12. Personalities of the disciples
  13. Trinity
  14. Old-Fashioned (manners, tradition, etc.)
  15. What’s Next? (heaven, hell, etc.)
  16. Amazing Grace
  17. ZERO to HERO
  18. The Loser Club
  19. Epic Fail (dealing with setbacks, overcoming disappointments)
  20. Steadfast (loyalty to God and to others)
  21. Family Feud (handling family relationships)
  22. Survivor (dealing with teenage problems)
  23. More Than a Song (studying the lyrics and backgrounds of popular hits)
  24. Cults (as well as non-Christian religions)
  25. Explaining Christian symbols
  26. What is God like?
  27. God is…
  28. “Christian-ese” (understanding church lingo)
  29. Scary stories of the Bible
  30. Zombie Apocalypse (Judgment Day, End Times, etc.)
  31. The Other 6
  32. Speedbump: Walls, Hurdles and Roadblocks
  33. When Life Knocks You Down (resilience, grit, perseverance)
  34. Heroines of Bible
  35. Fearless
  36. Discovering your gifts (talents as well as spiritual gifts)
  37. Church for dummies
  38. Spiritual disciplines
  39. Share your faith (everyday evangelism)
  40. Who’s your neighbor?

What other youth sermon series ideas are a hit with your teens? Let your colleagues know by sharing in the comments below!

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