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Love Lessons: What I Learn From Spending Time With Teenagers

Teens are random. And awesome. The weekend after Christmas, Justin told me about his favorite gift. “I liked opening my remote control helicopter because now I can spy on my dog. Which, by the way, now we know why she’s getting so fat. Because I caught her eating all of the cat food… Are we going to have donuts?” Random. And awesome.

Teens are compassionate. And awesome. Last week, Sydney gently brought her hurting friend to me. “She needs someone to talk to. Can you help her?”

The Many Joys of Youth Ministry

Teenagers will be teenagers, and not everyone wants to journey into adolescence after they’ve survived it. But some people will, and some do. I’m so glad I get to experience the many joys of youth ministry.

So many kids, deep down in their hearts, face difficult things. Or thoughts that they don’t quite know how to work out yet. And we have a divine appointment. An opportunity to be a trusted adviser. A spiritual mentor. A friend who can bring a Happy Meal to school and talk about wolves and ice cream sandwiches.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself. This is my job? The calling of my life? To know and be known? To serve and love and give? And to receive?

What a gift. We can never take it for granted!

Even when we cast our ministry nets into areas that seem barren or lifeless and we’re on the brink of giving up, Jesus himself says, “Go on. Throw them out there. I can fill those same nets with more than you can fathom.” (Luke 5:1-11)