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Water Balloon Games: 10 Wet, Wild & Wacky Activities for Kids

water balloon games

Water balloon games are some of my kids’ favorite summer activities. They’re sure to be a hit with your kids too, from elementary age through high school.

The water balloon games listed below work well for summer gatherings and camps. Try them at vacation Bible school or a youth group picnic too. Pro tip: Save yourself hours of work with the awesome new water balloons that tie themselves. They’re so worth the extra expense!

Kids will love these 10 fun water balloon games:

1. Water Balloon Spoon Race

Holding a spoon in your mouth, place the water balloon on it and race to the finish line. The first player to the end with an intact balloon wins.

2. Water Balloon Squat Relay

In this relay race, the kids run to the finish line (perhaps a hula hoop). Then they squat and sit on a water balloon, making it pop, before running back until it’s the next person’s turn.

3. Water Balloon Toss

Stand close together across from a partner. Then toss the water balloon, moving further and further apart with each toss.

4. Water Balloon Volleyball

Divide a group into two teams, and have players stand on either side of a line, net or hose. Give each team a sheet or towel to toss the water balloon back and forth.

5. Water Balloon Back-to-Back Race

Pairs of kids hold a water balloon between their backs and race to the finish line without popping it. If it pops, that pair must run back to the start line to retrieve another water balloon.

6. Water Balloon Hot Potato

This game is played just like regular Hot Potato. But whoever has the balloon when the music ends must smash it over their head!

7. Water Balloon Ring Toss

Have one player hold a hula hoop. Then have another person try to make it through the hoop for points.

8. Water Balloon Capture the Flag

Play this game like regular Capture the Flag…but use water balloons to get people out!

9. Duck Duck Splash!

Play this like Duck Duck Goose, but the chooser breaks the water balloon on the head of the person they choose to be the chaser.

10. Leaky Water Relay

Beforehand, poke a small hole in each water balloon. Then have kids race to fill a bucket with the leaky balloons. Whichever team fills its bucket first wins.

Pro Tip: To get a squeaky clean yard or parking lot at the end of these water balloon games, offer a prize for the person who brings back the most pieces.

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