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Debate Topics for Youth at Church: 46 Subjects Teens Can Tackle

More Teen-Focused Debate Topics for Youth Ministry

21. Should college be free for everyone?

22. How should America treat undocumented people? Do we have a duty to welcome all immigrants?

23. Should rich people pay higher taxes? Are rich people obligated to give away money?

24. What minimum wage is fair? What’s an appropriate “living wage,” and does everyone deserve to receive it?

25. In what areas should the church and state be separate? When, if ever, can the government set rules about religion or religious practice?

26. Does religious freedom ever have limits?

27. What types of worship does God approve or disapprove of?

28. What counts as worship? Can you worship in nature, by yourself?

29. Is faith a private or public matter?

30. Should proselytizing, or trying to convert others to your religion, be legal?

31. Is religion still relevant today?

32. What are some media perceptions of Christians, especially among teens? Are those correct?

33. Should Christians break the law to smuggle the Bible into countries that ban it?

34. Is war ever justified?

35. Is climate change real? Who’s responsible for saving the planet?

36. Is genetic engineering ethical? Should we try to clone animals and humans?

37. Are technology and social media positive or negative?

38. Do phone and internet users have a right to privacy?

39. What should schools, parents, and teens do to stop online (and in-person) bullying?

40. At what age should young people be allowed to drive, vote, drink, buy cigarettes, serve in war, serve in politics, and so on?

41. Should all drugs be legal? Are addictions diseases?

42. Why do teens tend to have low self-esteem? How can we lower the risks of depression, anxiety and suicide, especially among young people?

43. What type of parenting is most effective for a teen?

44. Should schools enforce dress codes for teens?

45. Is it okay for a Christian teen to listen to secular music?

46. Is it okay for a Christian teen to watch R-rated movies?

Now we’d like to hear from you! What other debate topics for youth at church do you recommend? What subjects lead to the best conversations among your teens?