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Messy Youth Group Games: 10 Fun Food-Related Activities for Kids

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Messy youth group games are always a hit with teens. Food games are fun and creative—especially when they’re nasty. We picked our top 10 messy youth group games that involve food. Now you can ensure that your games cause a huge mess and make the most fun!

We’ve judged our favorite messy youth group games in several ways:

  • How much mess results?
  • How long does the game last, compared to how long it takes to set up? (payoff)
  • Is it different from the norm? (creativity)
  • How well does the game use food? Can you play it without food to the same effect?

If you’re planning a fun theme night for youth group, then a Messy Food Games night is the way to go. Start by choosing a few of our favorite messy games!

Top 10 Messy Youth Group Games

10. State the Cheese

This is one of the least-messy games on this list. It tests players’ knowledge, creativity, and chomping skills. So it works well for a quiz-night round.

9. Gum Boot Goop

Next up, this falls into a similar league as Porridge Pants (listed below). Gum Boot Goop features impossible questions, canned food, rainboots, an obstacle-course relay, and, of course, a banana! Kids will love this messy food game. It creates a whole lot of chaos and mess. And it might also result in a food fight.

8. Rice Model Competition

Messy youth group games with food really get the creative “juices” flowing. For this one, each team gets a cup of rice. Then they must mold it into something. This game wins points for easy setup and cleanup. Plus, it’s really cheap!

7. Porridge Pants

Good memories plus a whole lot of mess are the end products of this game. In my opinion, you must play it outside. And you don’t have to stop at porridge. Any cheap, squelchy food will work really well!

6. Extreme Cake Decorating

This excellent team-building game allows creative kids an opportunity to shine. You can use it as a MasterChef challenge too. Keep things cheap and quick by buying pre-made sponge cakes from a supermarket. Also buy cheap frosting and candy decorations. Then leave the rest up to kids. If you have more time to spare, let players make their own cakes from scratch.

5. Dirty Nappies

Messy youth group games are ideal for a baby shower. This one involves sniffing different brown foods that you’ve put (or melted) in diapers. It looks disgusting! And, depending on what you put in the nappies, it can range from delicious (Nutella) to nasty (dog food). If you need baby shower games for a church staff member or volunteer, this is the one!

4. Blend It

I love the concept of this game. Although I haven’t played it yet, I plan to very soon. It’s a simple food-eating competition with a sly, nasty twist. And it’s sure to provide plenty of laughs.