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Youth Group Opening Prayer: 11 Ideas for Teen Bible Studies & Gatherings

youth group opening prayer
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Youth group opening prayer time can get stuck in a rut. Do you need fresh ideas for opening a Bible study for teens? Then keep reading! We’ve gathered 11 innovative ways to kick off a youth meeting or small-group lesson.

Trying to get preteens or teens to settle down and focus on a serious subject is no laughing matter. To ease the transition from socializing to lesson time, maybe you segue to an icebreaker or game. But when it’s time to calm down for a Bible study or message, the opening prayer you choose is key.

That’s why we collected creative new options for a youth group opening prayer. Use and adapt the suggestions below. Maybe they’ll spark new ideas for your teen gatherings and worship times.

A youth group opening prayer can be any length. It can be adult-led or student-led. And it can be general or tied to the day’s Bible study topic. No matter which approach you take, these prayers are essential. Not only do they quiet kids’ bodies. They also direct their minds onto God’s Word.

So try a creative youth group opening prayer at your next meeting or event!

11 Youth Group Opening Prayer Ideas

Here are 11 ideas to breathe new life into youth ministry prayer times:

1. Thanks and Please!

When time is tight, don’t skip the opening prayer. Instead, thank God for bringing you all together. Also ask him to guide your study and help you listen to his teachings.

2. Popcorn Praise

Begin your time together by having teens take turns shouting out praises to God. During the prayer, they can name a general blessing (“a car that starts”). Or they can pinpoint a specific praise (“my mom is well again”).

3. Listen Up!

Before a Bible study or lesson, pray that God opens everyone’s ears and makes them receptive to Scripture. This type of prayer reminds teenagers that God is speaking directly to them through his Word. It also opens hearts to our heavenly Father’s ability to transform lives.

4. Words of Encouragement

An opening prayer for Bible study uplifts and inspires students. And it reminds them of God’s constant presence in their lives. Emphasize that Jesus plants “seeds of faith” in our hearts and then faithfully nurtures them.

5. A Prayer Before a Study

When you pray before a Bible lesson, emphasize that it’s a privilege to have direct communication from and with the Lord. Thank God for his wisdom and power. Ask him to give each student discernment and willingness to follow through on what they learn.

6. A Safe Place to Explore

Use opening prayers before Bible studies to remind kids that your meeting area is a safe, judgment-free zone. Thank God for being open to all our questions and for loving us unconditionally.