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44 Things Youth Pastors Might Delegate


44 Things Youth Pastors Might Delegate

Learning to delegate is the key to accomplishing more.

It frees you to begin investing in the areas of ministry that bring most benefit to the mission. Your time can be spent in casting vision, creating new ideas, building relationships with students and setting direction. Additionally, delegating small bite-sized roles to those on your team or in your church will allow others to take part in meaningful ministry. There are countless ideas for delegation—and a quick google search on the topic will give you more information than you need to get started. But here’s a small summary of why I believe it’s important:

You will become more of a coach than a doer.

There are people in your church who are gifted and equipped to do some things faster and better.

If you want your ministry to be effective, you must become good at delegating roles and ministries.

Here are 44 things youth workers might delegate:

1. Sending letters to students
2. Keeping track of money from a fundraiser.
3. The checkbook.
4. Facebook page updates.
5. Monthly newsletter to parents.
6. Making phones calls when a student misses a week.
7. Publicity for the annual car wash fundraiser.
8. Ordering t-shirts.
9. Speaking during youth group meetings.
10. Leading a small group during the week.
11. Setting up a texting service and texting students with youth info.
12. The youth website.
13. Leading worship during youth.
14. Greeting and welcoming as students come in.
15. Follow up with students who are new.
16. Upkeep of the data base.
17. Taking pictures at events and posting them.
18. Someone to coordinate the snack dinners on Sunday night.
19. Leading a game during the youth group meeting.
20. Operating the song lyrics for youth worship.
21. Planning one aspect the annual lock-in—such as the trip to the bowling alley.
22. Praying for students individually.
23. Coordinating the snack schedule for special events.
24. Coordinating the driving schedule for events.
25. Copying and printing information about the retreat or conference.

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Tim Price, Christian, Husband and Dad, is the Founding Director of Harvest Ministry Teams, a non-for-profit equipping ministry for young leaders. Based in Troy, IL, Harvest is involved in ministry and training events for students, children and leaders all over the Midwest. He also serves on part-time at Troy United Methodist Church. Tim writes at TimPriceBlog.com sharing ideas, clarity and insights to help others confidently lead the church they serve. Follow him on Twitter: @timpriceblog.