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Bible Study on Identity: Help Teens Discover Who They Are in Christ

Bible study on identity
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A Bible study on identity lets teens grapple with their developing sense of self. Amid all the challenges and changes of adolescence, your youth group members might feel lost. Kids wonder who they are, who they’re becoming, and where they belong. They also might ask: What are Jesus’ plans for me? What does God want me to do with my life?

Leading a Bible study on identity requires insights about today’s teens. And lessons about identity and belonging must be based on the truth of God’s Word.

Assure kids that God created them in his image and for his purpose. Also, God has good plans in mind for everyone who follows him. A Bible study on identity works well with large and small groups. You may want to hold some separate sessions for guys and girls.

Encourage teens to pray and read Scripture on their own too. Journaling about identity questions and God’s answers can help kids develop a deeper relationship with him.

See the seven youth group and teen ministry resources below. They’ll help you launch a Bible study on identity and lead discussions about self and belonging.

Bible Study on Identity: 7 Resources for Youth Lessons

Foster a deeper understanding of who kids are in God’s eyes. In Scripture, teens will find relatable role models who struggled with identity and worth. They’ll also discover ways to persevere through challenges and glorify God in victories.

1. Dive into Scripture for insights about identity.

Begin by having students look up Bible passages about identity. Start with the 19 listed here. Challenge kids to memorize one or more of these verses. Pro Tip: Many of these Scriptures make great “life verses” for teens!

2. Avoid an identity crisis.

Teach kids that focusing on who Christ is will help them pinpoint who they are. That’s the important theme of the Bible study on identity provided here.

3. Learn from Gideon.

Check out this Bible study for teens based on Judges 6:12-16. Kids may be surprised what the Old Testament character of Gideon teaches us about identity.

4. Jot down thoughts about identity.

As we mentioned, journaling is a great way to ponder our identity in Christ. Kids can use the declarations at this website to reflect on biblical truths.