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5 Tough Questions You Should Be Ready to Answer

3. How far is too far?/Is it okay to date non-Christians?

Your personal (and church) theology will guide your answer to questions about sexuality and dating…

…but figure out how you’ll answer this question now so you don’t have to take 20 minutes to flesh it out in front of your JrHi small group.

4. Why does God allow suffering?

The question of evil, sin and suffering is always important to discuss. You don’t have to have a perfect answer, but knowing the basics will help.

5. Anything about creationism or evolution.

With both of these, it’s important to offer a response that is sensible, but doesn’t ramble.

The first time I got myself into a creationism debate, I think I spoke for 40 minutes, quoting Scripture and referencing science journals. At no point in time did I make any sense to that sixth grader.


If you’ve been in ministry for more than three days, I’d love to have you share your opinion!

What are the most common tough questions you’ve dealt with?

What are the ones that you wish you would have been more prepared for?  

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