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Apologetics Topics: 5 Questions Youth Workers Need to Address

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Apologetics topics often come up during youth group Bible studies and programs. If you’ve worked with teenagers for any length of time, you know they ask great questions. Occasionally, we do a session or series where teens can ask anything. We often receive more questions than we have students!

Youth ministers can equip teenagers in many meaningful ways. One is by helping them understand that faith in Jesus isn’t blind. It doesn’t go against all reason. Rather, faith is a logical response to evidence that supports God’s existence. It also accepts that Jesus really is who the Bible claims him to be.

Youth workers can’t expect to have all the answers to teenagers’ questions. (”I don’t know” is honest and commendable, at times.) Yet we should at least have a good handle on the most common apologetics topics teenagers raise. Teens are very smart! So if you can’t address issues that arise, they may think no good responses exist to objections about Christianity.

You may have barely finished college. Or maybe philosophy and apologetics aren’t your strengths. That’s OK. But it’s not an excuse to neglect the important questions teens in your church and community are asking.

5 Apologetics Topics to Prepare for

Youth workers should have a handle on these five apologetics topics. I’ve provided info for studying up at the bethinking.org website, a great apologetics resource.

1. Do all religions lead to the same place?

A common sentiment in our culture is that exact beliefs don’t really matter. After all, religions all lead to the same goal or place. (Or they just call God by a different name.) It just matters that you believe sincerely.

Yet a very brief look at the basic tenets of major religions shows this to be false. Check out this article by Josh McDowell on the topic.

2. Are science and Christianity enemies?

Most high school students see Inherit the Wind at some point. So it’s easy to conclude that science and Christianity are inherently at odds. Students need to hear that some of the best evidence for a Creator God comes directly from science. Here’s an article on the topic by Alister McGrath.