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4 Simple Ways You Can Engage Parents

Last year I had the chance to connect and learn from my friend Dr. Jim Burns at Group’s Kidmin Conference. When it comes to investing in parents, Jim is one of my favorite and most trusted voices because he has led both the church and his family well! You can check out Jim’s ministry at Home Word and get tons of resources. Last time I heard Jim teach he reminded me of the four ways we can best engage parents, and I wanted to share them today!

Our job is to help families succeed, not just take care of children during the church services. With that in mind, we have to work hard to engage parents on a regular basis. Here are four ways every student and children’s ministry can make that happen …

1. Inform Parents

Make sure you are finding ways to communicate what is happening in your ministry with parents. Make time to gather them and connect. Use technology to build bridges of communication. Make sure parents know what is happening so they can partner with what you are doing. Parents can’t partner if they don’t know what is happening in your ministry.

2. Assist Parents

Work hard to be available to parents and create opportunities to help parents get better at parenting. Parents are looking for help, so why not make your ministry a place they look to for help. Seminars, small groups, online classes … these are just a few ways you can help parents get better at this parenting thing.

3. Involve Parents

Some of your best volunteers can be parents. Find ways to get parents involved in your ministry even if it is just for special events. Parents want to help. Always let them know they are welcome!

4. Encourage Parents

Find simple ways to be a positive voice in the life of parents. Let them know when you see their child doing well. Share stories of where God is working. Help your church to be a place where parents know they are not alone.