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10 Things Parents Want From Youth Ministry

parents want from youth ministry

When it comes to partnering with parents, every children’s pastor and youth pastor is trying to find the magic button that will make that aspect of ministry happen. They want to know what parents want from youth ministry. Every minister I have talked to wants to engage parents, but many of them feel like they are failing. Some feel like they are not doing enough. Some leaders feel like what they are doing is not effective. Some don’t even know where to begin. Today, I hope you will step back and take a deep breath and realize that there are some basic things you can do to partner with parents that should be a normal part of your week-to-week game plan. With the ministry you lead right now, you are already doing more for parents than you realize.

Here are 10 things you are probably already doing that parents want from youth ministry…

  1. Parents want you to help their child or teen understand more about faith and grow spiritually.
  2. Parents want you to create a sticky environment. Parents want you to create an environment that their child or teen wants to attend.
  3. Parents value friendships for their children! Parents want their child or teen to develop strong friendships in your ministry.
  4. Parents want a safe environment.
  5. Parents want to be informed about what’s going on in your ministry.
  6. Parents want to know there is a group leader tracking with their child or teen.
  7. Parents want to know you can be trusted as a ministry leader.
  8. Parents love it when kids and teens can explain what they discovered each week in your ministry.
  9. Parents want to be followed up with when they have a question.
  10. Parents want you to honor their time by keeping your ministry on time.

These are 10 things you are already working on that parents want from youth ministry. If you are working on these 10 things, then you are shaping the base of trust you need to partner with parents. If you miss on these 10 things, then the other ways you engage parents will be minimized.

I am going to tell you what every parent wants to tell you every week: Thanks for investing in our kids! What you do matters!