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3 Simple Tips for Recruiting New Volunteers

Recruiting volunteers is not easy for many youth workers. I’d like to encourage you to try a different way of recruitment next time you need to add volunteer staff. Here’s a three-step approach I tried before with our student leadership team:

1. Ask your students WHO they would like to see on the team.
I gathered our student leaders together and asked them to identify one person (or at least one) that they would like to see help out in our ministry. Immediately they voiced the name of a person they highly respect and love. I heard things like, “It would be awesome if they were a part of our ministry!” You’re already off to a great start when you hear things like this.

2. Write down the names suggested and commit to pray over them.
Tell your students you would like to pray over the names, and ask them to pray along with you. Ask God if these specific people should be a part of your student ministry.

3. Challenge the students to make the ask!
It makes all the difference in the world when the “ask” comes from the student. Why not challenge your students to go and ask the person they recommended if they would like to serve in Youth Ministry?

Follow these three simple steps, coach your students as much as you’d like in the process, and then see how God uses your teens to bring new volunteers your way! I only wish I would have let the students lead like this sooner.

Try this approach and comment on this post to let me know how it goes for you. Have
another approach that has worked for you? Leave your approach in the comments too.  

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