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Grow Your Ministry: 9 Steps to Help Your Youth Program Thrive

6. Pick a good book to read with your team.

As the leader, I want our team to grow. We just started going through In the Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen. Each week I come up with questions, and leaders and volunteers discuss the book together.

7. Get on campus.

Tuesdays are campus days for our team. We try to block out lunch to go speak at any Christian Clubs or FCA that allow us. Go into teenagers’ world this week!

8. Find a network.

I try to grab lunch or coffee with another local youth pastor once a week. Enough with this competition thing; we can’t reach every student by ourselves! So actively get to know people who are passionate about what you’re passionate about.

9. Send a card to a teenager.

Finally, devote some time to communicating with kids. But put down your phone! Snail mail is the best thing these days. Students freak out when they get an actual card in the mail. Facebook posts and texts are okay, but a handwritten note speaks volumes of value. Let’s resurrect this lost art!

Now I’m sure you can add to this list. But start with these tips to grow your ministry. By taking these steps today, tomorrow can be a good day in youth ministry.

Next up: What are your go-to steps to grow your ministry? Share them with student ministry colleagues in the comments below!