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10 Commandments for Teens: How Young People Can Live for God

6. Love people (Do not murder)

Jesus says if we hate someone, we have already committed murder in our hearts. You’ll make a massive impact if you love people in Christ’s name. Love justice and offer mercy. Show hospitality to those who are lonely.

7. Be wise and self-controlled (Do not commit adultery)

Jesus said if we lust after someone, we have already committed adultery in our hearts. You have grown up in an extremely challenging time, a time with unprecedented digital access to sexual images. Your freedom will be expanded even more. Overcoming temptation will take more than willpower; it will take wisdom and Holy Spirit empowered self-control.

8. Be thankful for all the Lord has given you (Do not steal)

The Lord has graciously given you all that you currently steward. Be thankful for what He has given you, and then you won’t desire to steal from others.

9. Care about your character (Do not give false testimony)

Teens have lots of temptations for “small” integrity lapses. But cheating now can turn into larger lapses in integrity later. Tell the truth. Care about your character. Guard your integrity in the small things.

10. Don’t compare (Do not covet)

If you compare yourself to others, the result will always be hubris or envy. If you don’t compare, you won’t covet. Joyfully live the life the Lord has given you.

Just as the Lord gave the Ten Commandments to a community of people, throw yourself into a community of Christ-followers. We are to live out our faith in community. Teens and young adults need community for encouragement. So find a church at each life stage and get involved. Attend, serve, and love that church. And use these 10 commandments for teens, which apply to people of all ages!

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