Broken Things

Things being made right will always be a lifelong and worthy pursuit for the spiritual. Everyone being broken in ways and places that have long been unattended to will be a part of this world for ages to come. Not one of us will be safe from the affect of pain and hurt: the tide is unabated and relentless.

When we’re adults we can collapse our condition in repentance and reckoning because we’re in a place of telling or in front of someone where we want to be worthy. Peeling back those layers for kids and students is a chance for the life and the leader to converge on each other’s past and each other’s future. You enter the world of the divine and practice the depth of God’s work when you listen and give presence in a world that doesn’t know how to give presence back and doesn’t know what the divine holds in store.

How many times have you sat across from the modern day woman at the well? How often have you heard the ramblings of the leper, the desperation of the beggar, and the confusion of the lost and hopeless?

That thin slat that opens in the heart of a teen, begging for a light that will pour out into their darkness is more pivotal than you could understand and more important than you could ever imagine. Even now you and I would say, “I wish someone would have…” because you know that would have become all the difference… even in your ignorance… even in your indifference… and even through your walls.

Pray that you can see that sliver, that crack, that desperate space. It’s there… it’s waiting… it’s looking for belief.

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Chad Swanzy has served in youth ministry for 15 years and currently works as the student ministry director at Gateway Community Church in Austin, Texas. Learn more from Chad and ask him your questions at