Top Five Mistakes Jesus Would Make Teaching Teens

5.  Teaching Location – Teens don’t like to go outside on hills as much as they like to hang out in obscure locations like basements, renovated houses, skate parks, paint ball fields, or gymnasiums.

4.    Questions – He would probably start his teaching time with a question, which almost always will get blank stares from teens.  I don’t know if he would be able to recover from the silence.

3.    Sermon Illustrations – He would loose them the first time he dropped an agriculture illustration in a message.  It is hard to get them back once you loose them.

2.    Stories – Teens have a short attention span and selective hearing.  When Jesus dropped a sweet story on them, he might mean one thing but all they hear is “10 virgins with some old school lamps”.

1.    Action-Reflection – Jesus would lead his disciples to engage others then ask them questions about their experience.  This is great for teens but I just don’t know if Jesus would be able to handle the kid who, during the reflection time, is still asking “What was I supposed to do again?”

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Paul Sheneman
Paul Sheneman is an author, speaker and youth pastor. He serves with the Macedonia Methodist Church in Ohio. He drinks way too much coffee for his own good. His main interest is exploring Christian formation. You can follow most of his ramblings on his blog at or on Twitter @PaulSheneman.