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Fired from Youth Ministry: 10 Ways to Get Booted From Your Job

3. Chronically bucking your church’s theological non-negotiables.

You don’t have to outright rebel against your church’s theological sacred cows to get fired. All you have to do is repeatedly offer tepid support for them. This should be obvious, but too many youth workers who grew up evangelical wonder why they have a difficult time working in a mainline church, or vice versa.

Unless you plant your own church, you won’t find a dream theological match. So know your theological non-negotiables and know your church’s. Differences here can make a huge impact.

4. Ignoring conflicting ministry philosophies.

Your theological imperatives will drive what you do in ministry, but your ministry philosophy will drive how you do it. So it’s crucial that you and your church agree on the how-to’s of ministry. You and your church might both value evangelism, for example. But if you don’t agree on how to do evangelism, then you’re sailing into a major storm.

Also, if your church functionally defines “youth worker” as “events coordinator” but you see yourself as a pastor, you’d better spiff up your résumé. You’ll need it sooner than you expect.

5. Continually asking for forgiveness but never for permission.

Sure, the saying “it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission” is a nice excuse the first few times you blow it. But if it becomes a habit, your new hobby might be searching for youth ministry openings. Learn the processes and procedures your church has set up and expects you to follow. Then follow them!