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joyful pastors

7 Habits of Truly Joyful Pastors

Outward pressure to “perform” is not what pastors need right now. I want to share some things I’ve observed in what I am calling truly joyful pastors.
Phil Wickham

How Phil Wickham Went From ‘Lifestyle Christianity’ to ‘So Much Joy and Excitement’

Songwriter and worship leader Phil Wickham says that he has gone deeper in his relationship with God through prayer after being challenged by the faith of people who were inspired by his music. Prior to this change, Wickham had fallen into what he calls “lifestyle Christianity.” 
small churches

Pastors of Very Small Churches Express Joy, Commitment, Challenges

Joys and challenges await pastors of small churches. For example, small church pastors report a sense of intimacy not common among larger congregations, but often serve bi-vocationally or draw a retirement income.

How Will I Be Able to Enjoy Heaven if My Loved Ones Are in...

Many people have lost loved ones who didn’t know Christ. Some people argue that people in Heaven won’t know Hell exists. But this would make Heaven’s joy dependent on ignorance, which is nowhere taught in Scripture.

John Piper – 15 Tactics for the Fullness of Joy

You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.
joy of small groups

The Joy of Small Groups

A right-brain oriented small group ministry opts to have their groups meet and seek fellowship with one another and explore curriculum through the context of relationships that bring the joy of small groups.
road back to joy

5 Guideposts on the Road Back to Joy

As Christian leaders, we must trust God for the potential of true joy, and if a thief comes and discouragement is the result, we have a road back to joy.
joyful noise

Religious Groups Are ‘Making a Joyful Noise’ With Outdoor Instruments

After a beloved choirmaster of a Texas church died in 2020, her congregation wanted to honor her in a unique way.
danica mckellar

‘I Feel a Lot of Joy’—Danica McKellar of ‘The Wonder Years’ Shares About Her...

Danica McKellar, who is known for playing Kevin Arnold’s love interest, Winnie Cooper, on “The Wonder Years,” shared on Instagram that she has a relationship with Jesus, who is bringing her incredible joy, peace and freedom.
fulness of joy

Is Joy an Emotion (and do pastors need it)?

Is joy an emotion? When we limit joy to a feeling, we devalue it. When we think of it as solely emotional, we rob ourselves of the full experience of joy.
sadie robertson

Sadie Robertson Huff Shares ‘Overwhelming Joy and Awe’ at Daughter’s Response to Worship

Sadie Robertson Huff shared a video of her 9-month-old daughter, Honey, expressing herself to worship music, and went on to ponder the fact that we should respond to God with the same abandon.

Joyless Christianity Is Dangerous

When the needle dips—when you lose your joy—you should take note of your joyless christianity. To stay safe, you need to pay attention to your joy.
joy qualls

Joy Qualls: How Pastors Can Be Effective Communicators

Dr. Joy Qualls joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to share what pastors must do to be truly effective communicators, whether inside or outside the pulpit.
10 commandments craft ideas

10 Commandments Craft Ideas and Games That Kids Will Enjoy

Use these 10 Commandments craft ideas, games, and activities for a “thou shalt enjoy” adventure!
Incarcerated Christmas

A Gift of Christmas Joy for the Children of the Incarcerated

Christian organizations are working hard to see the children of the incarcerated experience the joy of Christmas this year.
God and man

The Foundation for the Joy of Christmas

Jesus is our one Mediator, who stands as an agent to reconcile God and man, the One who participates both in deity and in humanity.
spiritual detox

20 Truths from ‘Spiritual Detox: Discovering the Joy of Liberating Confession’

Confession is not a journey of depressing introspection but life-transforming liberation, heavenly joy that transcends earthly circumstances.
Chris Jones

Chiefs Defensive Tackle Chris Jones Enjoys Career Night, Lives by ‘I Am Second’ Mantra

Over the past few seasons, Chris Jones has become a rock on the Kansas City Chiefs' defense. During Sunday's win, Jones was wearing a couple of wristbands that ​proclaim his faith in Jesus. One says “I am Second,” a phrase he also has in his Twitter bio.
God's sovereignty

God’s Sovereignty Brings a Special Joy to Our Giving

God's sovereignty orchestrates unique opportunities for us to be generous. He delights in those moments of divine connection, and so should we.
comparison is the thief of joy

Comparison Is the Thief of Joy ? No, It’s Worse . . .

What of comparison is WORSE than the thief of joy?

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Jen Wilkin on the Biggest Obstacle Keeping People From Reading the...

Jen Wilkin joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain the challenges church leaders face with helping people engage the Bible, as well as some possible solutions.