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burning church

‘Suspicious’ Fires Destroy 3 Black Churches in 10 Days

Normally, one burning church is newsworthy. But one rural community in Louisiana is asking a lot of questions after three of its historically black churches have burned in recent weeks.

Snitching on Christians Now Pays Big Money in China

In China’s ongoing crackdown against Christianity and other religions, authorities in the city of Guangzhou are now paying citizens to turn in their faith-practicing neighbors. This is all part of the government's goal to Sinicize Christianity and gain more control over faith practices.
christianity in thailand

How One Software Developer Is Helping Thai Evangelism

The Rev. Dwight Martin has developed a database called Harvest to track the growth of Christianity in Thailand, which is 94 percent Buddhist. Church leaders in Thailand have been using this data to set and exceed evangelism goals.
impact fortnite

New Report: ‘Fortnite’ Is Harmful to Kids and Their Families

The Boston Globe has come out with a new report on the impact Fortnite is having on kids. Healthcare professionals are increasingly seeing harmful effects on children as a result of them playing the popular video game.
church buildings

Church Flipping Pastor Rescues Buildings on Life Support

Senior pastor Rev. Paul Marzahn has a second calling: rescuing struggling churches before developers can swoop in and buy the church buildings. He’s receiving national attention for his groundbreaking work as a “faith community developer,” or church flipper.
lois evans

Dr. Tony Evans on Social Media: ‘Please Pray for My Wife’

Pastor and author Dr. Tony Evans shared on social media this week that his wife’s cancer has returned. He is asking people to join him and his family in prayer for Lois Evans' healing.
david e taylor

Pastor Is Abusive and Running a ‘Cult,’ Report Charges

The News-Herald of Southgate, Michigan, has published an exposé on David E Taylor, who heads Joshua Media Ministries International (JMMI) in Taylor, Michigan. Former members have accused JMMI of manipulation, abuse, sexual misconduct, and running the ministry as a “cult.”
ancient artifacts

‘Exciting’ Artifacts Found in Jerusalem Point to the Truth of the Bible

On Sunday, two archaeologists announced the discovery of “very exciting” ancient artifacts in Jerusalem’s City of David National Park. The find is strong evidence for the reliability of the biblical texts and the existence of ancient Jerusalem.

‘Unplanned’ Overcomes Obstacles to Have Surprising Success at the Box Office

"Unplanned," the new movie from faith-based production company Pure Flix, surprised many by opening in fifth place at the box office this past weekend and earning over $6 million dollars.
biblical literacy

More States Seek to Offer Bible Electives in Public Schools

In what’s described as a “wave” of new Bible-related bills, several states are considering expansions to their public school curriculum. Supporters hope that these laws will help to increase students' biblical literacy.
student handbook

APU’s LGBTQ Ban Lift Was All a Big ‘Misunderstanding’

School officials say the change in wording to their undergraduate student handbook was never intended to lift an LGBTQ ban and that media outlets, and even some respected evangelical leaders, were quick to report and comment without knowing the full story.
Jesus Movement

Greg Laurie: Pray for a Millennial Jesus Movement

Greg Laurie came to faith in Christ during the Jesus Movement of the 1970s. Now he is praying that Millennials and Generation Z would experience their own revival similar to the Jesus Movement.
female leader

SBC Seeks to Strengthen Female Leaders by Launching New Network

If you are a female leader within the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), you should know that on March 25, the SBC launched the Women’s Leadership Network (WLN) with the goal of encouraging and strengthening women across the denomination.
underground church in china

Yet Another Church Forced to Close in China

The Chinese government is continuing its persecution of Christians by shutting down yet another underground church in China. On March 23, authorities closed Shouwang Church and its affiliates, seizing the church’s belongings.
Joni Eareckson Tada

Joni Eareckson Tada Hospitalized After Cancer Treatments

Following an intense round of radiation treatments for breast cancer, Joni Eareckson Tada has been hospitalized. She is asking her followers for prayers.
Rachael Denhollander

Rachael Denhollander Shares the Backstory of Her Abuse

In a recent speech at New York University, lawyer and former gymnast Rachael Denhollander revealed that her childhood experiences in church set the stage for her later victimization by Larry Nassar.
RIP medical debt

Church Helps Free 900 Families From Medical Debt, No Strings Attached

A church in Annapolis, Maryland, partnered with RIP medical debt to remove the burden of debt off of 900 families in the area.
christian suffering

Women Suffer More, Says New Report on Christian Persecution

Open Doors has released a study evaluating the similarities and differences in how Christian men and women are persecuted. The researchers have found that global Christian suffering is gender specific and that, overall, women experience a greater degree and complexity of persecution than men do.

Hundreds of Christians Dead in Nigeria as Violence Continues

Last Monday, terrorist group Boko Haram attacked the town of Michika in the Nigerian state of Adamawa. This attack is only one of many recent ones from Boko Haram and militant Fulani herdsmen across Nigerian states, including Kaduna, and Christians are often the targets.
benefits of religion

Study: Faith Practices Have Powerful Benefits for Teens

What are the benefits of religion on teens? Pretty high. According to an extensive study, church and youth group participation has a “protective” effect on adolescence.

Latest News

Want to Improve Your Sex Life? Read the Bible and Pray...

A new study indicates religious couples that are committed to reading the Bible together and praying experience more than just spiritual benefits.

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