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Use Your #GivingTuesday Gift to Spread the Gospel

Today is #GivingTuesday, a day set aside to encourage people to give to organizations that are helping those in need where you live and around the world. What better way to atone for the unabashed consumerism that marks Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Beth Moore Leans on Tenure to Call Out Sexism in the Church

Beth Moore never set out to be a whistle blower. But events over the last couple of years, coupled with a lifetime of trying to "play by the rules" dictated by a subtle sexism in the church, has compelled Moore to speak.
fire victims

Hellbent 823 Protects Victims of California’s Deadly Camp Fire

The 823 Hellbent Motorcycle Club of Chico, California, has been providing Camp Fire victims an unusual service: protection against looters and troublemakers.

New Birth Church Places Hope for Recovery in Jamal Bryant

After an extensive search, the troubled New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in suburban Atlanta has named Pastor Jamal Bryant senior pastor.
Josh Harris

Watch Josh Harris’ Documentary on the Flaws in His Most Famous Book

Christian pastor and author Josh Harris has released a new documentary exploring the effect that his book, "I Kissed Dating Goodbye," has had on an entire generation.
Sentinelese tribe

American Missionary Killed Attempting to Reach ‘most remote’ Tribe in the World

An American missionary attempted to reach a tribe in India known for protecting their seclusion. The man, John Chau, was shot with arrows and died.
Christian singers

Lauren Daigle, Avril Lavigne Glorify God on Prime Time TV

Christian singers have gotten a lot of mainstream air-time lately. Recently Lauren Daigle and Avril Lavigne appeared on the finale of "Dancing With the Stars" and performed songs with heavy Christian themes.
Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Ukrainian Church Breaks 300+ Year Subordination to Russia

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church will officially unify in December, signaling the end to their 359 years of subordination to the Russian Orthodox Church.
satanic bands

Satanic Band Motivates Community to Pray

Some of the members of the city of Midland, Texas, met this past weekend to pray. They were concerned about an upcoming concert by one of the world's most famous satanic bands.
gay conversion therapy

Utah Poised to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

Lawmakers in Utah are following a nationwide trend by considering legislation that will ban gay conversion therapy for minors.
Frank Houston

Brian Houston Accused of Covering Up Father’s Sexual Abuse

“Having to face the fact that my father engaged in such repulsive acts was—and still is—agonizing," Brian Houston says of his father, Frank Houston, who admitted to sexually abusing children.
Joni Eareckson Tada

Joni Eareckson Tada Faces New Round of Cancer, Asks for Prayer

“Jesus is ecstasy beyond compare and if new hardships draw us closer to Him, I'm more than content with it,” Joni Eareckson Tada says of her new cancer diagnosis.
migrant caravan

Pastor Who Joined Migrant Caravan Treated ‘like family’

Pastor Gavin Rogers didn't know what to expect when he landed in Mexico City, intent on joining the migrant caravan making their way from Central America to the United States. What he found surprised him.
comfort dogs

This Is the Cutest Ministry Team You Will See Helping People in California

A unique ministry of the Lutheran Church headed to California in response to the shooting in Thousand Oaks. They ended up extending their stay because of the fires.
Dr. Paul Chitwood

The International Missions Board Has a New President

The Southern Baptist Convention has selected a new president for their International Mission Board. Dr. Paul Chitwood will replace David Platt.
California wildfire

The Church Being the Church as Fires Rage in California

As a California wildfire is wreaking havoc, churches step up to offer shelter, manpower and prayer to assist the victims in need.
painting of Jesus Israel

Youthful Face of Christ Painting Uncovered in Israel

Archaeologists call the discovery “extremely important” because so far it is the only “in situ” baptism of Christ scene that has been discovered.

Pastor Calls Out Crossdresser in the Middle of Church Service

A pastor in Chicago is under fire for publicly calling out a crossdresser during a church service. The pastor has defended his actions, saying the young man "challenged him publicly."
caravan in Mexico

Pastor Wanted to Know the Truth About the Migrant Caravan. So He Joined It

A pastor from San Antonio, Texas, had heard a lot of rumors about the caravan in Mexico, en route to the U.S. Pastor Rogers decided to stop guessing at their motives and decided to join them in Mexico.
Asia Bibi news

Canada to Offer Asia Bibi Asylum in Face of Growing Call for Her Murder

Asia Bibi's husband says he is in constant fear for the safety of his family and his wife. Despite his fears, though, Ashiq Masih says he has placed his trust in God.

Latest News

Chance the (Christian) Rapper Is Taking a Sabbatical to Study the...

One of the Christian rappers in the news lately is in the news again for an unusual move. At least, it's unusual if you're not a committed Christian.

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