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New Research: Religion Linked to Happiness and Good Citizenship

A new report from Pew Research Center suggests that being actively involved in a religion has a positive impact on people and perhaps even society in general.
church shooting mother emmanuel

Synagogue Shooting Survivors Seek Healing at Mother Emanuel

Survivors of the Mother Emmanuel Church shooting have a lot in common with a congregation of Jewish worshippers in Pittsburgh. A group of survivors from Tree of Life Synagogue traveled to Charleston to seek lessons on forgiveness and healing from members of Mother Emmanuel.
Gateway Church Coffield Campus

Robert Morris Surprises Congregation With New Campus Announcement

Pastor Robert Morris of Gateway Church had a surprise announcement for his congregation. The church's newest campus will be very hard to access but will likely make a huge impact.

‘Missionary’ Gets Life in Prison for Abusing Children in Cambodia

A judge has sentenced Daniel Stephen Johnson, a resident of Coos Bay, Oregon, to life in prison. Johnson, who was funded by various churches, molested children at an unlicensed orphanage he ran for several years in Cambodia.

Is Gender Neutral Parenting on the Rise?

Kate Hudson might not be taking an aggressively gender neutral approach with her parenting, but her perspective aligns with that of an increasing number of parents who are rejecting traditional gender norms as they raise their kids.
NFL chaplain

The Most Important Coaches on the Field at the Super Bowl

NFL players of faith often lean on "character coaches" to help them navigate the sometimes stressful world of professional football. Chaplain Kevin Nickerson of the L.A. Rams and Chaplain Jack Easterby of the New England Patriots are eager to answer the call.

Pastor Succumbs to Suicide After Struggling With Mental Health

Jim Howard, a pastor at Real Life Church in Santa Clarita, California, fatally shot himself on January 23. Howard was the Family Life pastor at the church's Valencia campus and had a history of struggling with his mental health.
Asia Bibi news

Asia Bibi Is Really Free This Time

The latest Asia Bibi news is that she is really free now. The Supreme Court in Pakistan upheld its October 2018 ruling to acquit her of blasphemy charges. Bibi is looking forward to seeing her children very soon.

Colorado Law to Ban Conversion Therapy, but Not From Clergy

The state of Colorado is poised to pass a law banning conversion therapy on minors, although the bill would not prevent religious organizations, such...
Asia Bibi

Asia Bibi Could Either Leave Pakistan Tomorrow or Return to Death Row

The Supreme Court in Pakistan will review their decision to acquit Christian mother Asia Bibi of blasphemy charges. Depending on the decision, Bibi could either head back to death row or leave Pakistan.
Steve Campbell

Missionary Could Face Genocide Charges in Brazil

Steve Campbell could face severe punishment for trespassing on the territory of the Hi-Merimã people in Brazil's Amazon region.
Abu Sayyaf

20 Killed in Church Terrorist Attack in the Philippines

Officials suspect the terrorist group Abu Sayyaf is behind Sunday's bombings targeting a church in Southern Philippines. 20 people were killed and dozens more wounded.

Bible Used to Argue For and Against Guns in VA Churches

Proponents of gun rights scored a minor victory as the Virginia Senate approved a law allowing people to carry guns into their houses of worship.
news on government shutdown

Governments May Shut Down, but Churches Don’t

As the news on government shutdown unfolded week after week, one thing remained consistent: Churches stepped up to help federal workers and others affected by the shutdown.
Harvest Bible Chapel lawsuit

Harvest Bible Chapel Elders Admit ‘Failures’ and ‘Shortcomings’

After ongoing developments, elders addressed issues such as the Harvest Bible Chapel lawsuit against its critics, the firing of Naples pastor John Secrest, and inadequately mending "relational hurts."
christian songs

Lauren Daigle Tops Charts, Helps Those in Need

Lauren Daigle is making headlines again, this time not for saying anything controversial, but for setting records with her music. This week, her hit single, “You Say,” has been at the top of Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs chart for the 26th week in a row.
late term abortion

What You Need to Know About New York’s New Late-Term Abortion Law

The state of New York has passed the Reproductive Health Act (RHA), removing limits on getting a late term abortion. Under certain conditions, medical practitioners can now perform abortions up to the day of the birth.
SCJ cult

Korean Cult Actively Recruiting in the U.S., Churches Warn

“As evidenced by the 1,032 graduates in Los Angeles and Germany, Shincheonji Church (SCJ) is growing throughout the world.”
mercedes benz stadium

Chick-fil-A Will Observe the Sabbath—Even on Superbowl Sunday

Even though it has a location in Atlanta's Mercedes Benz Stadium, where the Superbowl will be held this year, Chick-fil-A is not breaking its policy of staying closed this Superbowl Sunday.
speaking in tongues

Archbishop of Canterbury: ‘Every Christian Is a Charismatic’

In a recent interview, the Archbishop of Canterbury said that speaking in tongues is “part of my daily discipline,” not “an occasional thing.”

Latest News

New Update Helps Deaf People Understand the Gospel Better

Currently, only 2 percent of deaf people have heard the gospel, but the Deaf Bible Society is hoping to increase this percentage by using sign language to make the gospel more approachable and accessible.

New Podcasts

Erwin McManus: Your Theology Won’t Save You From Lack of Peace

“We have to accept the fact that peace isn’t magic, and you can love Jesus and still be struggling profoundly with inner peace," Erwin McManus says.