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Willow Creek Community Church Forced to Cut $6.5 Million in Staffing Due to Decreased Giving

Current staffing costs at Willow Creek are “too high to be sustainable,” leadership said.

‘They Stick to Your Soul.’ Pro-life Outreaches Serve Mothers, Babies

Numerous churches are continuing various pro-life outreaches as the U.S. Supreme Court seems primed to return abortion law to the purview of state legislatures.

SBC Executive Committee Leadership: ‘It’s a Time for Lament and a Time for Change’

The SBC Executive Committee's Rolland Slade and Willie McLaurin tell Southern Baptists that this is now a time to humble ourselves and accept the findings of the Sexual Abuse Task Force report.

Southern Baptists of Texas Convention Funds Ultrasound Placements in State

The Southern Baptists of Texas Convention presented a gift of $228K to the Southern Baptist Convention’s ethics entity Tuesday for the placement of six ultrasound machines at pregnancy resource centers in the state.

Lawsuit Accuses ACNA Church of Negligence That Resulted in Child Sexual Abuse

Cherin Marie filed a lawsuit Wednesday (May 18) in Kane County, Illinois, against Christ Our Light Anglican Church. The lawsuit argues that because of the ACNA church's negligence, Cherin’s daughter has experienced mental anguish and emotional and physical pain.

Preservationists Seek to Acquire Beloved Hollywood Home to Cloistered Nuns

Fearing the Monastery of the Angels could be sold for private use or redevelopment, Los Angeles preservationists and advocates are forming a nonprofit as they seek to acquire and take responsibility for it.

‘There Is No Shame in Divorcing Josh,’ Says Anna Duggar’s Cousin in Open Letter

Anna Duggar should feel “no shame” about divorcing her husband, Josh Duggar, says Anna’s cousin, Amy King. Federal prosecutors are seeking a 20-year prison sentence for Josh, who has been convicted of receiving and possessing child pornography.

‘Cussing Pastor’ Returns: Mark Driscoll Swears While Addressing Abortion, Calls Joe Biden a ‘Coward’ Headed to Hell

Mark Driscoll has developed a reputation for not being afraid to say what's on his mind, which has sometimes included using profanity during his sermons.

Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber Voices Recast in New VeggieTales Podcast

VeggieTales is launching a new podcast, but Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber don’t quite sound like themselves.

Persecuted Christians Likely Hid in Massive, Newly Discovered Underground City

A recently discovered 4-million-square-foot underground city in southeast Turkey likely served as a refuge for persecuted believers in the early Christian church.

$121.5M Settlement in New Mexico Clergy Sex Abuse Scandal

The Archdiocese of Santa Fe announced a settlement agreement Tuesday to resolve a bankruptcy case in New Mexico that resulted from a clergy sex abuse scandal.

Major Decline in Adoptions Accompanies COVID-19 Pandemic

A substantial drop in the number of adoptions in the United States coincided with the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new report.

Former Pastor in 2 States Pleads Guilty to Child Sex Charges

Joshua Henley, 33, pleaded guilty Monday to producing, possessing and sending sex abuse material involving children and transporting a minor interstate to have sex.

Not a Shell Game: Beach Baptism Opens Door for Public Witness

A public baptism including more than 130 changed lives is significant on its own. But an onlooker’s response may be the biggest memory for Matt Laughter, worship pastor for the East Lake campus of Calvary Church.

SBC Pastor, Founder of ‘Pulpit & Pen’ JD Hall Arrested, Charged With DUI, Concealed Gun, Traffic Violations

Pastor and author JD Hall was arrested on the evening of May 11 by the Sidney Police Department in Montana for driving under the influence of drugs. He was also in possession of a firearm.

‘Satan Is After the Children’—Christian Influencer Says ‘Yoga Barbie’ Can Lead to Demonic Possession

"Yoga Barbie" could lead to children being possessed by demons, says Christian influencer Yasmeen Suri in a May 3 Facebook post that has since gone viral.

Doctor, Baylor Grad ‘Sacrificed Himself’ To Save Others During Racially Motivated Church Shooting

New details are emerging about Sunday’s fatal church shooting in Southern California. Dr. John Cheng, who died during the racially motivated shooting, is being credited with saving "upwards of dozens” of lives.

Timothy Keller ‘Celebrating’ Two-Year Anniversary of Cancer Diagnosis, Shares Health Update

Late last week, author, pastor, and theologian Timothy Keller posted a health update on his social media pages on the two-year anniversary of his pancreatic cancer diagnosis. 

Vatican Minister Visits Ukraine As Pope Toes Delicate Line

The Vatican’s foreign minister, Archbishop Paul Gallagher, is heading to Kyiv this week as the Holy See seeks to balance its concern for Ukrainians amid Russia's war with its efforts to keep open a channel of dialogue with Moscow.

Faith on the Ground in Buffalo: Voice Buffalo Executive Director Denise Walden

Soon after a white 18-year-old shooter targeted Black customers of a community grocery store in Buffalo, Denise Walden was coordinating clergy to offer grief counseling and help families.

Former Donors Can Sue Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, Judge Rules

A judge is allowing a class-action lawsuit filed against Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM) to proceed. Margie Zacharias was dismissed as a defendant, and her and RZIM’s motions to dismiss the suit were granted only in part.

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