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Charles Wesco

American Missionary Slain in Cameroon Remembered for Robust Faith

"He is receiving the Martyrs crown from his Lord. My heart is broken. I want to wake up from a horrific nightmare," Charles Wesco's wife, Stephanie, wrote of his passing.
episcopal diocese of albany

Bishop Defies Resolution to Perform Same-Sex Marriages

Bishop William Love of the Episcopal Diocese of Albany has chosen a bold position by standing at odds with the order of his denomination to allow same-sex weddings at Episcopalian churches across the U.S.
Rick Warren surgery

Rick Warren Recovering After Emergency Surgery

Rick Warren shared an update with his congregation explaining the health scare he just recently survived.
should Christians drink

Southern Baptists: Losing Their Zeal for Temperance?

Younger Southern Baptists in particular are increasingly answering the question "Should Christians drink?" with "In moderation, it's OK."
Billy Graham birthday

Franklin Graham: ‘I miss my father almost every day’

November 7, 2018, would have been Billy Graham's 100th birthday. Even though he didn't quite make it to his birthday before passing away in February, Billy's son, Franklin, says the late evangelist did, in fact, make it to the 100-year marker.
tithes and offerings

Upturn in Economy Reflected in the Offering Plate

Pastors are reporting that tithes and offerings are up this year compared to last year. The upturn in the economy is likely the reason for the increased giving. However, not all churches are reporting an increase.
Lauren Daigle Look Up Child

WATCH Lauren Daigle Bring Christian Music to Late Night TV

Jimmy Fallon's "Tonight Show" audience is not used to seeing a lot of Christian artists. That changed last night with a Lauren Daigle "Look Up Child" performance that brought the house down.
Wesleyan Covenant Association

Charismatic Vein of the UMC Poised to Leave Denomination

The Wesleyan Covenant Association is preparing an exit strategy in the event the UMC will vote to loosen its policy concerning homosexuality at the General Conference in February.
tax exempt

Churches Risk Non-Profit Status to Make Political Statements

A handful of churches across the nation risked their tax exempt statuses to make political comments. Endorsing specific candidates and political parties, these churches flirted with danger.
Churchome virtual church

Judah Smith Launches Church ‘in the palm of your hand’

Judah Smith announced Churchome is going global. The announcement has some questioning whether participating in a virtual church can replace real fellowship.
Republican Jesus

‘GOP Jesus’ Takes Satirical Look at Christian Republicans

A video portraying a Republican Jesus, altering Scripture and mocking Christians who vote Republican, is sure to cause offense this election season.
homosexuality in the church

Christ United Withdrawing From UMC Over Homosexuality Debate

A large United Methodist Church congregation in South Carolina has decided it does not want to be involved in the ongoing debate over how to handle homosexuality in the church that the UMC is currently facing.
Asia Bibi

UPDATE: Asia Bibi’s Acquittal Under Review, Travel Ban in Place

Just days after an announcement stating Christian Asia Bibi had been acquitted of blasphemy charges and a consequential death sentence, the verdict is being appealed. Angry protesters forced the government's hand to review the verdict.
Asia Bibi protests

Asia Bibi’s Acquittal Sparks Massive Protest by Hardline Muslims

Despite a verdict acquitting Asia Bibi of a death sentence for blasphemy charges, the Christian woman is still being held at an undisclosed location due to the mounting call for her murder.
Lauren Daigle on Ellen

Lauren Daigle Doesn’t Want to ‘miss the heart of God’ by Rejecting Secular Stage

Lauren Daigle defends her decision to perform on "The Ellen Show." Some critics are saying Lauren Daigle on "Ellen" was an example of compromise due to the host being openly gay.
Coptic church attack

At Least 7 Killed in Attack on Bus Carrying Coptic Christians

The Coptic Church is reeling again after yet another terror attack that is eerily similar to an attack the church sustained last year.
Jeff Sessions protest

Jeff Sessions Called Out by ‘church friends,’ This Time in Person

During a speech about religious liberty, audience members listening to Attorney General Jeff Sessions protest his enforcement of the Trump administration's policies concerning immigrants and those seeking asylum in the United States.
Charles Wesco Cameroon

American Missionary, Father of 8 Killed in Cameroon

An American missionary was shot and killed in Cameroon on Tuesday, October 30, 2018. Charles Wesco was traveling in a vehicle with a fellow...
James MacDonald

James MacDonald Sues Critics of Harvest Bible Chapel

James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel have filed a lawsuit against two former members of the church and Julie Roys, a former radio host for Moody Radio.
Asia Bibi

Miracle in Pakistan: Christian Asia Bibi Freed From Death Sentence

While she is not quite out of harm's way, Christian Asia Bibi has been acquitted of the blasphemy charges that would have ultimately led to her death.

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