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Bethel Church

Bethel Church Stops Praying for God to #WakeUpOlive

After nearly a week of prayer, Bethel Church has announced they are moving on from the hope that 2 year-old Olive Heiligenthal will be raised from the dead.

CT Calls Out Trump in ‘surprising act of dissension’

Saying “it’s time to call a spade a spade,” Mark Galli labels Trump “morally lost and confused” and says Christians can no longer “brush off” his immorality “in the cause of political expediency.”

Man on Hospice Care Gets Final Wish: To Be Baptized

Jenis James Grindstaff, who is in his 80s and on hospice care in South Carolina, just had his last wish fulfilled: to be baptized by immersion.
capital of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankans Prepare for Bittersweet Christmas With Extra Security

After a series of attacks that ravaged three churches in the capital of Sri Lanka this Easter, Christians in Colombo especially are preparing for a bittersweet and cautious Christmas.
just mercy

Just Mercy Takes a Look at Everyday Hero Bryan Stevenson

“This is the most important film I’ve ever done,” Jamie Foxx said about his role in the film Just Mercy. The film showcases the real-life work of attorney Bryan Stevenson.

Should We Be Praying That God Would Resurrect Olive?

Christians worldwide have been praying that Jesus would resurrect the daughter of Bethel worship leader Kalley Heiligenthal. The situation has raised concerns about how believers should pray for miracles and how church leaders should encourage people to do so. 
naomi scott

The New Jasmine Is a Christian and an Advocate for Compassion

You might know Naomi Scott from her role as Jasmine in Disney’s live action adaptation of the movie "Aladdin." But what you might not have realized is that Scott is an Ambassador for Compassion International and is passionate about empowering women.
holiday parties

Christmas, Kids, and Sexual Abuse: 5 Tips for Safety

When the subject of holiday parties comes up, we often don't think about protecting our kids from sexual abuse, but we really should.
jacop hazlett

Children’s Ministry Volunteer Sentenced to 75 Years for Sexual Assault

Jacop Hazlett, a former volunteer at NewSpring Church in North Charleston, South Carolina, has been sentenced to 75 years in prison for sexual crimes against children.
pastors preach

New Study Asks: How Long Do Most Pastors Preach?

A new study from Pew Research reveals the average amount of time pastors preach. Analyzing four major Christian traditions, the study found Catholic homilies to be the shortest while black churches have the longest sermons.
Christianity in China

Crackdown on Christianity in China Ramps Up

Persecution rising toward levels under Chairman Mao, sources say. Despite all the persecution, Christianity in China doesn't seem to be going anywhere.
angola prison

Lauren Daigle Raises Hope, $17,000 for Maximum Security Inmates

Lauren Daigle recently visited Angola prison, where she announced she had raised $17,000 on behalf of the maximum security inmates. While there, Daigle performed her song “How Can It Be” and reminded the prisoners of the hope they have in Jesus.
mac powell and the family reunion

Mac Powell Shares Happy Update About Wife, Aimee, After Aneurysm

Musician Mac Powell shared an encouraging update about his wife, Aimee, who recently suffered a brain aneurysm.

Disgraced Pastor James MacDonald Is Suing, Again

filed a lawsuit against local radio host Mancow Muller—and the station’s parent company—for defamation, invasion of privacy, eavesdropping, and emotional distress.
basyle tchividjian

Boz Tchividjian Leaving GRACE and Liberty to Prosecute Full Time

“GRACE has never been about me. It’s always been about advocating for the wounded and serving and equipping Christ’s church,” Boz Tchividjian said. The professor and founder of GRACE is going back to representing victims full time in court.
Kalley Heiligenthal

Bethel Worship Leader: Please Pray for My Daughter’s Resurrection

Bethel worship leader and songwriter Kalley Heiligenthal is asking for prayer for her young daughter, Olive, who passed away on Saturday, December 14th.
i still believe

‘I Still Believe’ Tops List of Romantic Movies for 2020

Upcoming Christian movie “I Still Believe” tops Seventeen.com’s list of “7 Most Romantic Movies Premiering in 2020.” “I Still Believe,” the #1 movie on...
Knox Public Schools

Tennessee School Board Votes Down ‘Bible Release Time’

The Knox Public Schools board voted against the so-called 'Bible Release Time' program. The proposed program would have allowed students to be excused one hour a month from school to attend a religious class at a neighboring church.
vonda dyer

Vonda Dyer’s Husband Calls Her a Hero for Refusing Bill Hybels

Vonda Dyer and her husband, Scott, recently shared their harrowing experience after Dyer went public with sexual harassment allegations concerning Bill Hybels.
alfred street baptist church

The Reverend Howard-John Wesley Is Tired

In a sermon he preached on the first Sunday of Advent, Rev. Dr. Howard-John Wesley of Alfred Street Baptist Church announced he would be taking a sabbatical, noting, "You can’t pour out of an empty cup."

Latest News

Pastor John Gray’s No Good, Very Bad Year

Pastor John Gray and Relentless Church are currently facing two lawsuits. But that's not the only bad thing that's happened over this last year to the embattled pastor and his wife.

New Podcasts

Daniel Henderson: How to Lead Your People in Prayer

“We know that prayer is one of our primary priorities in ministry," says Daniel Henderson, "but it’s hard to lead where you’ve not gone yourself.”