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choir practice

Pastor and 16 Members Abducted During Choir Practice In Nigeria

Gunmen surrounded a church in Kaduna state, Nigeria, during choir practice. The pastor of the church and two of his children were abducted, along with 13 other church members.
rugby player

Israel Folau Sacked for Expressing Beliefs on Homosexuality

The highest-paid rugby player in Australia has been fired after posting controversial statements about homosexuality on his social media accounts. Israel Folau claims he was simply quoting the Bible.
taiwanese people

In Landmark Vote, Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal In Taiwan

In a landmark decision for the Taiwanese people, the parliament of Taiwan has voted to legalize gay marriage. Not only is it the first legislative body in Asia to do so but the BBC also reports that lawmakers have approved the most “progressive” of three potential bills.
Lance Wallnau

You Can Now Buy a $45 Trump-as-Cyrus Coin

Lance Wallnau gained notoriety for saying God told him Trump would be president number 45, and King Cyrus happens to be mentioned in Isaiah 45. Now, he's selling a commemorative coin for those who wish to hold something while praying for the President.

This Is Why Some People Have a ‘Beef’ With Chick-fil-A

Chick-Fil-A is poised to take over the number three spot on the list of the largest restaurant chains in the United States, sitting just...
values and beliefs

Christian Schools Fear Loss of Freedom After Australian Elections

Christian Schools Australia has sent out 160,000 political flyers encouraging parents to vote to protect religious values and beliefs at this Saturday’s federal elections.
Georgia abortion bill

The Real Target of Alabama and Georgia’s Abortion Bills is Roe v. Wade

Alabama will likely join the states that have passed laws this year making abortion more restrictive. With the Georgia abortion bill that was passed recently, lawmakers at the state level have their sights on a Supreme Court review of Roe v. Wade.
erwin lutzer

Erwin Lutzer: 5 False Gospels in the Church Today and How to Be Faithful

In a new podcast, Dr. Erwin Lutzer discusses the importance of Christians knowing how to follow God well while being a minority in a hostile culture. He describes five “false gospels” and emphasizes the importance of having compassion even as we refuse to compromise the truth.
Liberty university graduation

Pence to Graduates: You Will Be Asked to Bow to Idols

Vice President Mike Pence took a cautionary tone as he addressed graduates at the Liberty University graduation this year.
Jack Graham

Jack Graham: Penalizing Women for Abortion Is Not Pro-Life

Pastor Jack Graham of Prestonwood Baptist Church has clarified his position on abortion after opposing a proposed law that would have allowed abortion-seekers to be charged with homicide.

Jihadists in Western Africa Kill 6 More Church-Goers

The Sahel region in Africa has seen escalating violence these last few years. In Burkina Faso, two attacks on churches have occurred less than a month apart.
women preachers

Pulpit or Not, Women Preach All the Time

Whether you give a woman a title, a salary or a position won’t affect whether or not she preaches. There are women preachers everywhere.
spiritual warfare

Exorcism Summit Focused on Combatting the Church’s Common Enemy

The Catholic Church is drawing attention to spiritual warfare this week as it hosts a summit on exorcism and invites leaders from other Christian traditions to participate.
morris kahn

Israel’s Push to Get the Bible on the Moon

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants to make sure that the Bible is present when Israel is finally successful in its attempts to land on the moon, attempts which have been initiated and partially funded by investor Morris Kahn.
pray for

Ramadan Is a Time for Christians to Pray–For Their Muslim Neighbors

Since so many people will be seeking a spiritual encounter in a more focused way during the month of Ramadan, this is an incredible opportunity for us as Christians to pray for a true encounter with God on behalf of our Muslim neighbors.  
Satanic Temple

What You Need to Know About the Newly Minted Satanic Temple ‘Religion’

By recently granting tax-exempt status to the Satanic Temple, the IRS now officially acknowledges the group as a religion. “This acknowledgment will help make sure...
Russell Moore Exclusive

Russell Moore Exclusive: How to Pastor After the Shootings

In a Russell Moore exclusive interview for ChurchLeaders, the president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission advises church leaders not to give in to the temptation of easily explaining away evil or where God was as a gunman killed innocent teenagers in Parkland, Florida.
Asia Bibi update

Asia Bibi Is Truly Free Now and in Canada

Asia Bibi has finally arrived in Canada after years of imprisonment and months of hiding in fear. The Christian mother is finally able to...
Israel Folau

‘Homosexuality Sends People to Hell’ Says Highest-Paid Rugby Player

Israel Folau is Australia’s highest-paid rugby player and number one hope for Australia winning the upcoming World Cup in September. However, a comment about homosexuality Folau posted to his social media accounts could cost the talented rugby star and devout Christian his career.
ramadan 2019

Muslim Leader: Use Ramadan to Pray for Freedom of Christian Girl

Nigerian professor Ishaq Akintola has called for his fellow Muslims to offer a particular request to God during Ramadan 2019. Specifically, Akintola wants Muslims to pray for the freedom of the girls, including Christian Leah Sharibu, who remain captives of the terrorist group Boko Haram.

Latest News

Andy Stanley: ‘You can’t be right with God if you are...

In a 45-minute interview, megachurch pastor Andy Stanley clarifies his view on the purpose of the Old Testament (and Scripture generally). According to Stanley, if the church is more concerned with holding to a certain view of Scripture than helping people embrace Jesus, we have a problem.

New Podcasts

Luis Palau: Never Forget How Grand Your Calling Is

Ministry matters, no matter how caught up we get in the daily grind. Luis Palau shares a lot of wonderful advice with us about the importance of unity and value of the local church. But one of his greatest passions is reminding pastors of the grandeur of their calling.