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Parts of James MacDonald’s Lawsuit Against Radio Host Mancow Muller Dismissed

Nearly two years ago, former megachurch Pastor James MacDonald filed a defamation lawsuit against radio host Mancow Muller. In a Chicago courtroom yesterday, a judge dismissed parts—but not all—of the suit.

Marvin Olasky Survived Trump as World Magazine Editor. But Not the Hot Takes.

Marvin Olasky had hoped to end his tenure as editor-in-chief in the summer of 2022. Those plans changed after World’s publisher announced the launch of a new online opinion section.

Philippine Church Leader Charged With Child Sex Trafficking

Apollo Carreon Quiboloy was charged with sexual abusing women and underaged girls. Quiboloy allegedly threatened victims with "eternal damnation" if they didn't comply with his sexual whims.

‘Enemies Within the Church’ Targets Christian Institutions as Marxist, Names SBC Leaders

The film “Enemies Within the Church” has been making waves for its bold claims about the pervasive presence of Marxism within American Christianity. The film names as “enemies" a number of influential evangelical institutions, as well as a diverse group of individuals, from Bill Johnson to Albert Mohler.

Matt Hagee Issues Apology After Video Reveals He Welcomed Controversial Event

Matt Hagee, who is the lead pastor of Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, released an apology for his church hosting the controversial ReAwaken America Tour event that took place last week.

Christian Teacher Wins Case Against School District’s ‘Gender-Expansive’ Pronoun Policy

Virginia teacher Tanner Cross has been reinstated after battling the school district's pronoun policy. Cross says he will call students by their preferred first name but only by their biological gender pronoun.

TN Baptist Convention: Resolution Condemning Plagiarism Is Not Targeting Litton—But Is Related

The Tennessee Baptist Convention has weighed in on the plagiarism controversy involving Southern Baptist Convention president Ed Litton by overwhelmingly passing a resolution condemning plagiarism in church preaching and teaching. 

Texas Abortion Ban Stays in Force as Justices Mull Outcome

The Supreme Court is weighing complex issues in two challenges to the Texas abortion ban. In the meantime, the rate of abortion in Texas has decreased dramatically.

Maryland Governor Offers $100K for Information on Church Killing

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan offered a $100,000 reward on Wednesday for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for the death of an elderly woman in a Baltimore church.

Baptist Seminary Presidents Feud Over Controversial Film Containing ‘Untruthful Attacks’

Adam Greenway, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS), is calling on Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary (MABTS) president Michael Spradlin to withdraw support from the film “Enemies Within the Church,” the trailer of which implies that SWBTS is a Marxist institution. 

New Revised Standard Version Bible Updated With Consideration for ‘Modern Sensibilities’

An updated edition of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible includes thousands of changes in language, reflecting the research of a wide range of scholars who spent four years reviewing its contents, as well as taking into consideration “modern sensibilities.”

‘2021 Persecutor of the Year Awards’ Report Released by International Christian Concern

International Christian Concern has named three “dis-honorees” in the categories of individual, entity, and country in its report on the state of Christian persecution throughout the world.

LGBTQ Artist Hits #1 on the iTunes Christian Charts for the Second Time This Year

Grace Baldridge, 31-year-old openly queer Christian artist who goes by the stage name Semler, sat atop the iTunes Christian Albums chart for the second time in 2021.

‘One Religion’? Flynn Also Recited a Doomsday Cult Leader’s Prayer at a September Church Event

In an appearance at a Nebraska church in September, Michael Flynn led the audience in a prayer in which he mentioned “legions” and “sevenfold rays." This caused some QAnon adherents to claim Flynn follows Satan, but Flynn was actually quoting former cult leader Elizabeth Clare Prophet.

Conservative Baptist Network Promotes Film Claiming Some SBC Entities Are Marxist

The Conservative Baptist Network (CBN) has been promoting a film that claims certain entities within its own denomination are Marxist, sparking criticism and calls for the SBC to formally rebuke the CBN.

ERLC: Child-Care Proposal Threatens Religious Liberty

Religious liberty concerns for faith-based child-care programs plague President Biden’s Build Back Better Act as it nears apparent action by Congress, according to Southern Baptists’ ethics entity.

In Catholic Italy, ‘De-Baptism’ Is Gaining Popularity

Though data is sparse, the church and Italian atheists agree that the 2-decade-old process of de-baptism is becoming more common.

Why the Minichurch Is the Latest Trend in American Religion

While megachurches often make headlines, most of the congregations in the United States are relatively small. In fact, the fastest growing trend among congregations is minichurch.

Teenage Gunman Apprehended by Church Attenders After Attempting to Steal Offering Plate

This past Sunday, a teenage gunman attempted to steal the collection plate at a church in Louisville, Kentucky. Congregants of the church acted quickly to apprehend the young assailant. 

Pastor Gives Online Sermon While His House Burns in the Background

A South Carolina pastor live-streamed a video of his house engulfed in flames before church on Sunday. Sharing a positive message in his video, the pastor didn't let the fire disrupt his plans to preach at church later that morning.

A Talking Snake? Bible Answer Man Hints That What Many Pastors...

Is there really a talking snake in Genesis 3? “Bible Answer Man” host Hank Hanegraaff tackles the question of whether Satan, as a serpent, actually spoke words to Eve in the Garden of Eden.

Gerardo Martí: What Pastors Need to Learn From the Collapse of...

Dr. Gerardo Martí joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to discuss Robert H. Schuller's remarkable success with the Crystal Cathedral—and why Schuller's influential ministry collapsed so suddenly.

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