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georgia shooting

Being Black in America: Christian Leaders Lament Arbery Death

A graphic video has emerged this week of a Georgia shooting. Two white men, Gregory McMichael and his son Travis McMichael, killed a black man named Ahmaud Arbery at point-blank range.
Todd Tilghman

WATCH: Pastor Sings ‘Glory of Love’ From Sanctuary, Advances on The Voice

While expressing appreciation for the community-wide support, the father of eight calls his family “the fan club that matters most.”
silver sol

Bakker Seeks Dismissal in Silver Sol Suit, Cites Religious Freedom

“Jim Bakker is being unfairly targeted by those who want to crush his ministry and force his Christian television program off the air,” Bakker’s lawyer, Jay Nixon, said in a statement.
national day of prayer 2020

Could This Year’s National Day of Prayer Be the Largest Ever?

“This year’s virtual observance may have more prayer—and more ‘pray-ers’ than ever before," says Kathy Branzell, leader of the National Day of Prayer for 2020.
mother's day 2020

How to Make Mother’s Day Special Even During Quarantine

Mother’s Day 2020 is going to look a little...different. Families don’t have the options of going out to eat, getting a babysitter, or dropping off their kids at Sunday school. But there is still a lot you can do to help mom feel special!
police raid

Violent Raid of Chinese Church Leaves 3 Injured

On Sunday, Chinese officials raided a private residence where members of a church were holding a worship service. Three were injured in the police raid and six were detained afterward.
western india

False Allegations in Lynching in Western India Pose Threat to Christians

An attempt by Hindu nationalists and media in western India to blame Christians for the mob killing of three Hindus threatens to provoke violence against Christians, sources said.
northwest Nigeria

Couple Abducted From Wedding in Attacks in Northwest Nigeria That Kill 12 Christians

A series of attacks in northwest Nigeria has brought about several murders, kidnappings, and widespread fear among Christians in that area.
samaritan's purse

Sign of Hope: Central Park Field Hospital to Close in 2 Weeks

Samaritan’s Purse is preparing to close its field hospital in New York City’s Central Park. The field unit has treated 315 patients so far and won't be admitting anymore.
protecting children

GRACE: How to Protect Children from Abuse During the Crisis

GRACE panelists offer specific, practical advice for church leaders on how to go about protecting children and others vulnerable to abuse during the global pandemic.
German Catholic Church

German Catholics Admit Church Was ‘complicit’ in Nazi Crimes

Ahead of this week’s 75-year observance of the end of World War II in Europe, bishops of the German Catholic Church released a document...
god's wrath

J.D. Greear Answers: Is the Virus a Judgment from God?

Is the coronavirus a result of God’s wrath against individuals or nations? Is it ever valid to see the virus as a judgment from God?
khandwa district

Pastor in Central India Attacked for Police Report on Prior Assault, Expulsion

The pastor's attackers threatened to destroy his vocal chords so he wouldn't be able to preach again.
VBS 2020

Children’s Ministers Determined to Make VBS Happen This Year

Churches consider virtual VBS, neighborhood VBS, and delayed in-person VBS as they plan for one of their biggest evangelism events of the year in the midst of a pandemic.
political polarization

Political Polarization Is the Crisis We Should Be Fighting Right Now

"Nobody’s arguing about baptism or tongues or things like that anymore. They’re arguing about politics,” Pastor and theologian Tim Keller observes.
Parents Television Council

REPORT: 104 of 255 Netflix Shows for Teens Have Mature Rating

A new report from the Parents Television Council has found that the most common rating on Netflix’s teen programming is TV-MA.
Daniel Cameron

Kentucky AG Has ‘faith’ in Church Leaders to Resume Church at the Right Time

Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron is threatening a lawsuit against Governor Andy Beshear over the ban on mass gatherings, including church services. Cameron calls the ban on churches unfair when other institutions are allowed to stay open.
reopen your church

The Things You Need to Think About Before You Reopen Your Church

As churches plan for reopening their buildings, one Texas pastor believes communicating your cleaning policies is going to take on more importance than communicating the theme of your next sermon series. 
beyond our walls

20 Churches, TN Governor Get Together for Drive-In Service

Pastors with more than 20 local churches in Tennessee held a drive-in service last Sunday called Beyond Our Walls. Hundreds attended the event, including Governor Bill Lee. 

30 COGIC Leaders Pass from COVID-19: ‘It’s Quite Devastating’

The leadership of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), a predominantly African American denomination, has been hit particularly hard by COVID-19.

Latest News

Pandemic Delays UMC’s General Conference and Its Pending Schism

The issue of LGBTQ inclusivity in the United Methodist Church was supposed to be settled at that denomination's General Conference this year. However, the pandemic has delayed the conference and an inevitable schism.

New Podcasts

Lee Strobel: Pastor, You Need an Apologetics Point Person

Lee Strobel says, "We have to create safe places in our churches and let people know it’s ok to have questions." But pastors can't—and shouldn't have to—do this important work alone.