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Azusa Pacific University

For the Second Time, Azusa Pacific University Lifts LGBTQ Ban

For the second time in less than a year, Azusa Pacific University has announced it is lifting its ban on homosexual relationships, this time with approval from its Board of Trustees.
United Methodist General Conference homosexuality vote

Did Improper Voting Skew the UMC’s Homosexuality Vote?

The landmark United Methodist General Conference vote concerning homosexuality is the subject of concern after investigators found some people who voted were ineligible to do so.

Human ‘Bone Church’ in Need of Reconstruction

Sedlec Ossuary contains the bones of 40,000 people, most of whom died between the plague of the 13th century and the Crusades of the 15th.
Pray for New Zealand

Religious Leaders Stand in Solidarity With Muslims in New Zealand

Religious leaders around the world are offering their prayers and condolences and sharing in the sorrow the Muslim community in New Zealand is feeling right now.

Pastor in Kenya Beaten Unconscious by Muslim Extremists

In another case of Islamic extremism in Kenya, a 30-year-old pastor in the city of Garissa was beaten unconscious on the night of Friday, March 8.
Ethiopian Airlines

Humanitarian Aid Community Mourns the Loss of Several Colleagues

Four Christian aid workers were among the handfuls of humanitarian workers traveling to Nairobi, Kenya, for training and a U.N. conference.

New Report: Church Paid People to Pretend God Healed Them

South African news channel SABC1 has done an investigative report on Pastor Alph Lukau and Alleluia Ministries International, the church where a man named “Elliot” was allegedly raised from the dead. The report found the "resurrection" and other miracles associated with the church to be fraudulent.
new living translation

The New Living Translation Instagram-Worthy Bible Is What Millennials Want

Two friends started a publishing company to help the Bible become more accessible to Millennials. Their Bible Beautiful project is a work of art.

WA Church Files Lawsuit Over Right Not to Pay for Abortions

Cedar Park Church in Bothell, Washington, has filed a lawsuit against the state of Washington over the right to refuse paying for abortions in...

New Chinese Translation of the Bible Seeks to Snuff Out Western Influence

President Xi Jinping's government is attempting to purge the Chinese church of western influence and make it more "Chinese." In a five-year plan attempting to do this, a new translation and annotation of the Bible will be released.

New Law in the U.K. Does Little to Protect Minors From Online Porn

The United Kingdom has just passed a law aimed at protecting minors from accessing online porn. While no doubt well-intentioned, the law has several significant problems.
NewSpring Church

NewSpring Blames Spate of Predators on ‘Evil’

NewSpring Church has a history of sexual predators taking advantage of children under their care. Is this a coincidence or is the church negligent in its duty to protect children?
Kyle Idleman

Kyle Idleman Takes Leadership of One of the Largest Megachurches

Kyle Idleman has served at Southeastern Christian Church in the Louisville area for 17 years. The multisite church reaches an average of 21,000 people each weekend through its six campuses. Now Idleman will serve as the senior pastor.
Jack Easterby

‘Most Influential Patriot You’ve Never Heard Of’ Quits Over Kraft

Jack Easterby served as the New England Patriots' chaplain. He recently announced his resignation due to the character flaws uncovered in the Patriots' owner, Robert Kraft.

Dutch Reformed Church Loses Fight to Ban Same-Sex Marriage

The Gauteng High Court in Pretoria, South Africa, has just handed down a decision compelling the Dutch Reformed Church (DRC) to recognize same-sex marriages and to ordain gay clergy.
Trinity Baptist Church

Trinity Baptist ‘Turns Itself In,’ Apologizes to SBC, Greear, Victims of Abuse

Pastor Rodney Brown of Trinity Baptist Church admits to allowing a self-confessed sexual abuser to remain on staff at the church. He sincerely regrets that decision and is asking for forgiveness.

Katy Perry Tears Up Over Fellow ‘Church Kid’s’ Audition

Contestant Kalifa Wilson, aka “Kai the Singer,” moved the American Idol judges to tears with her audition. She credits her church with supporting her as a musician and helping her make it to the show.
Castle Church Brewing

Finding Jesus in a Taproom—Literally

The founders of Castle Church Brewing are asking: “Why can’t the gospel of Jesus Christ come to people where they’re at, in their everyday lives, even if that’s on a barstool in a taproom?”

Egypt Approves 156 New Churches While Failing to Protect Christians

The Egyptian government just announced that it has approved 156 new churches and affiliated buildings for use in the country. Despite this news, many believe that the government is paying lip service to the rights of Christians while doing little to actually defend those rights.
Lent 2019

All the Ways Christians Are Observing Lent This Year

A lot of Christians observe Lent and this year is no different. However, Lent 2019 is shaping up to be a little less-than-traditional.

Latest News

$1.9 M Raised for Burned Louisiana Churches After Notre Dame Fire

No one ever wants to experience a church fire, whether in France or Louisiana, but some good has emerged from tragedy. When influencers on Twitter encouraged followers to donate to three churches in Louisiana that were recently targeted by an arsonist, the result was a dramatic spike in donations.

New Podcasts

Kara Powell: Teens Want Faith, Not Church

Kara Powell of the Fuller Youth Institute addresses parents' concerns over teens leaving the church. Powell says what may seem like a teen turning from faith may actually be a young person turning from forms of church that make sense to the parent, but not the child.