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church vandalism

Every Day, Two Churches in France Are Vandalized

Church vandalism is on the rise in France. In 2018, an average of two attacks on churches per day occurred, and in February 2019, the country saw 50 such attacks.

A Human Chain and People Praying in the Streets: The Notre Dame Fire

Parisians knelt in the street yesterday, praying and singing “Ave Maria” as hundreds of firefighters struggled to save the iconic Notre Dame cathedral. Even though the spire of Notre Dame collapsed, the main structure has been saved, in addition to many of the cathedral’s relics.
Jesus' Resurrection

Did Jesus Actually Rise From the Dead? Majority UK Christians Not Sure

Did Jesus physically die and rise from the dead? How literally do you have to take the story of Jesus' resurrection in order to be a Christian? The BBC conducted an eye-opening poll.

94 Abortion Workers Respond to ‘Censored’ Unplanned Movie

Despite what Director Chuck Konzelman believes was an effort by Google and Twitter to censor the movie, hundreds of people have responded to the message of "Unplanned."
social media likes

UK Poised to Restrict Social Media “Likes” for Minors

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the U.K. has just proposed a new “code of practice for online services” aimed at protecting children’s privacy. Among other things, the code includes social media guidelines restricting "likes" and "streaks."
Notre Dame Fire

Notre Dame on Fire, Spire Collapsed

Parisians were shocked tonight by the Notre Dame fire that has so far claimed the iconic cathedral's spire.

Archaeologists Share What the Upper Room Actually Looked Like

Thanks to 3D imaging, archaeologists are getting a better picture of what the upper room, the setting for the Last Supper, actually looked like.
south korean women

South Korea Says ‘No’ to 66-Year-Old Ban on Abortion

The Constitutional Court of South Korea has found a law that makes abortion a criminal offense to be unconstitutional. Support for abortion is common among childbearing South Korean women, many of whom get abortions illegally.
abortion debate

You Can See a Snapshot of the Abortion Debate From This Senate Hearing

On Tuesday, April 9, the Senate Judiciary Committee heard testimonies from pro-life and pro-choice advocates regarding the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, or Bill S. 160. The testimonies provide a good picture of the current perspectives on each side of the abortion debate in the U.S.
black metal

Suspected Church Arsonist Involved in Black Metal

Black metal or Satanic music may have played a role in the burning of three historically black churches in Louisiana.
Christian Basketball Player

This Year’s Final Four Was All About Redemption

This year's Final Four teams had a lot to be thankful for. Some of them were thankful not only for the opportunity to play in the NCAA finals but also for the thing that every Christian basketball player is thankful for: Redemption.
Chad Veach

This IG Profile Is Calling Out Pastors and Fueling Discussion

This Instagram account is only a few weeks old, but already it's caused Zoe Church pastor Chad Veach to change his account handle and is making some tithing church-goers uncomfortable.
suicide attempt

Suicide Related Visits to ER Double Among Youth

A new study from JAMA Pediatrics has found that the number of children under the age of 18 who visited emergency departments (ED) between 2007 and 2015 for a suicide attempt (SA) or suicidal ideation (SI) doubled during that time period.
ryan green

‘Harrowing,’ Unwinnable Video Game Points People to the Hope of Easter

In a new series of YouTube videos, U.K. ministry Speak Life tells the story of Amy and Ryan Green, who created the video game "That Dragon, Cancer" to memorialize their son who died from a brain tumor at age five.
pray a blessing

Let This Basketball Coach Teach You How to Pray a Blessing

Coach Buzz Williams of Virginia Tech could teach all of us a thing or two about praying a good blessing prayer. Watch and learn.
burning church

‘Suspicious’ Fires Destroy 3 Black Churches in 10 Days

Normally, one burning church is newsworthy. But one rural community in Louisiana is asking a lot of questions after three of its historically black churches have burned in recent weeks.

Snitching on Christians Now Pays Big Money in China

In China’s ongoing crackdown against Christianity and other religions, authorities in the city of Guangzhou are now paying citizens to turn in their faith-practicing neighbors. This is all part of the government's goal to Sinicize Christianity and gain more control over faith practices.
christianity in thailand

How One Software Developer Is Helping Thai Evangelism

The Rev. Dwight Martin has developed a database called Harvest to track the growth of Christianity in Thailand, which is 94 percent Buddhist. Church leaders in Thailand have been using this data to set and exceed evangelism goals.
impact fortnite

New Report: ‘Fortnite’ Is Harmful to Kids and Their Families

The Boston Globe has come out with a new report on the impact Fortnite is having on kids. Healthcare professionals are increasingly seeing harmful effects on children as a result of them playing the popular video game.
church buildings

Church Flipping Pastor Rescues Buildings on Life Support

Senior pastor Rev. Paul Marzahn has a second calling: rescuing struggling churches before developers can swoop in and buy the church buildings. He’s receiving national attention for his groundbreaking work as a “faith community developer,” or church flipper.

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