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Pittsburg synagogue shooting

Christian Leaders Share Strong Words After Synagogue Shooting

Saturday's Pittsburgh synagogue shooting has been met by strong words by church leaders expressing grief and solidarity with the Jewish community.
Hillsong Church South Africa

Attack on Hillsong Church: 3 Workers Tied, Robbed by Armed Men

Three workers at a Hillsong Church in Century City, South Africa, were tied and robbed by armed intruders.
Russian Orthodox Church Schism

The Russian/Ukrainian Orthodox Split: What You Need to Know

If a split between the Russian Orthodox Church and the Ukrainian Orthodox Church happens, it will be the most significant split since 1054, when the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic Church parted ways.
Christian athletes

Clayton Kershaw’s Fate (and the World Series) Is in God’s Hands

Clayton Kershaw is one of the Christian athletes getting a lot of press right now. The left-handed "ace" pitcher of the L.A. Dodgers may be in the spotlight for his curveball, but he sees his main role as working for God.
hand masters game

Animated Show ‘Big Mouth’ Raises Big Concerns for Parents

The Netflix show "Big Mouth" raises a lot of concerns for parents of children, even though the animated show's intended audience is not kids. On the heels of an episode singing the praises of Planned Parenthood, the show now has a new Hand Masters game followers can play, which simulates masturbation.
Lauren Daigle on Ellen Show

Lauren Daigle on “The Ellen Show”: Watch Her Powerful Performance

Watch Lauren Daigle on "The Ellen Show" wow the audience with a powerful performance of "Still Rolling Stones."
redemptive suffering

John MacArthur Stepping Down as The Master’s University President

After 33 years in the position, John MacArthur announced he is stepping down as president of The Master's University, citing the role's need for more leadership due to growth. However, his announcement comes at a curious time.
religious exemption

More Religious Exemptions to Birth Control Mandate Expected

The Trump administration is angling to roll back more of the Obama administration's birth control mandate under the Affordable Care Act. A new religious exemption could impact your church.
Andrew Brunson latest news

Andrew Brunson Might Not Have Survived Prison Without Norine

In Andrew Brunson's latest news interview, he discusses the despair he felt in prison, and how God used his wife, Norine, to encourage him and carry his burdens.
Museum of the Bible

Museum of the Bible Pulls Five Scrolls Determined to Be Fake

Scholars in Germany discovered “characteristics inconsistent with ancient origin,” according to a statement released by the Museum of the Bible.
Joshua Harris I Kissed Dating Goodbye

Read Joshua Harris’ Full Statement on ‘I Kissed Dating Goodbye’

Two years after starting to reevaluate the effect his best-selling book I Kissed Dating Goodbye had on a generation of Christians, Joshua Harris has come to a conclusion. It's not all good.
Reading through Eugene Peterson quotes will give your faith a shot in the arm. The author of the Message Bible and a handful of other books certainly knew how to communicate deep spiritual truths thoughtfully.

The Indelible Legacy of Eugene Peterson, In Quotes

Reading through Eugene Peterson quotes will give your faith a shot in the arm. The author of the Message Bible and a handful of other books certainly knew how to communicate deep spiritual truths thoughtfully.
gender vs. sex

Trump Admin. Poised to Define Gender as Biological, Unchangeable

“The sex listed on a person’s birth certificate, as originally issued, shall constitute definitive proof of a person’s sex unless rebutted by reliable genetic evidence,” a memo drafted by the Trump administration reportedly states.
Eugene Peterson death

Eugene Peterson Passes Joyfully Into Glory at 85

Eugene Peterson, prolific author, friend to pastors and beloved family member, has gone to be with Jesus. He was 85.
false prophet Joshua Holmes

Followers of ‘Prophet’ Joshua Holmes Think He’s ‘Jesus in the Flesh’

Self-proclaimed prophet Joshua Holmes has garnered a large following of fans, some of whom consider him to be Jesus in the flesh. Through his...
Al Reynolds from Edmond, Oklahoma, has pleaded guilty to an elaborate fake cancer scheme that scammed church members out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Man Scams Church Members for Over $30k With Fake Cancer Claim

Al Reynolds from Edmond, Oklahoma, has pleaded guilty to an elaborate fake cancer scheme that scammed church members out of tens of thousands of...
female pastors

Have MDiv, Will Preach: Study on the Growth of Female Pastors

The numbers of female pastors have tripled over the past 20 years in some denominations, while growth in others has stagnated.
Brett Kavanaugh hex mass Father Gary Thomas

Modern-Day Exorcist: Kavanaugh Hex Should Not Be ‘underestimated’

“These are real evil people,” the exorcist of the San Jose Diocese told reporters. Father Gary Thomas is planning "Mass for Kavanaugh" to counteract the hexing event scheduled this weekend.
bone marrow donation

Pastor Is the Only One Willing to Save Dying Man—He Asked Himself This Question...

A pastor from California traveled to Idaho to give a stranger a priceless, life-saving gift. While he was surprised by the request, Matt Van Peursem didn't hesitate to answer the request for a bone marrow donation.
homeless pastor

Would Your Congregation Pass This Homeless Pastor Test?

A megachurch pastor wanted to know how his congregation would respond to a homeless person camping outside its doors. Their response left tears in his eyes.

Latest News

SBC Ousts Church for Hiring Registered Sex Offender as Pastor

The Executive Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention has voted to disfellowship a Southern Baptist church in Midland, Texas, because the church was employing a lifetime registered sex offender as a pastor.

New Podcasts

Danielle Strickland: Jesus Is the Healer of Gender Inequality in the...

"Jesus is the great equalizer," says Danielle Strickland. "He’s the great liberator for all peoples"—and that includes women in the church.