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How Vulnerable Should a Pastor Be in the Pulpit?

Should a pastor be vulnerable and confess his own sin from the pulpit? Dr. Russell Moore talks about the dangers and benefits of being completely transparent in the pulpit.
moral integrity

Craig Groeschel: How to Boost Moral Integrity in Your Staff

Sadly, there are plenty of stories in the news these days about a lack of moral integrity in ministry. But is there something about ministry work that is contributing to the problem?
Florida school shooting

SPECIAL UPDATE: How to Address the Florida School Shooting

As America mourns more loss of innocent, young life in a senseless school shooting, church leaders around the country are thinking about what to...
mental illness stigma

How Not to Bolster Mental Illness Stigma From the Pulpit

Should church leaders be part of a discussion about mental illness with their congregations in the wake of the latest mass shooting? Or could it increase the detrimental effects of mental illness stigma?
school shooting

What to Say on Sunday: How to Address the Most Recent School Shooting

As America mourns more loss of innocent, young life in a senseless school shooting, pastors around the country are thinking about what to say to their congregations on Sunday.
social media platforms

After Facebook—Your Church Needs to Be on These Social Media Platforms

Facebook is losing users to other social media platforms. The numbers might cause churches to rethink their love of Facebook.  
David Platt

The Reason David Platt Wants to Resign From the IMB

David Platt, president of the International Missions Board (the sending arm of the Southern Baptist Church), has announced his intention to resign from that...
David Jeremiah

Is the Church Dead? David Jeremiah Says Its Best Days Are Ahead

MSNBC host Joy Reid recently said the church is part of a bygone era but David Jeremiah sees a drastically different future.
special needs

Tim Tebow’s ‘Night to Shine’ Shares God’s Love With Special Needs Worldwide

February 9, 2018, was just another Friday night for a lot of us, but for more than 90,000 people with special needs, it was a night to shine thanks to Tim Tebow.
Sovereign Grace Churches

Rachael Denhollander’s Challenge to Sovereign Grace Churches

Rachael Denhollander has a very specific challenge for Sovereign Grace Churches involving sexual abuse that occurred under their watch.
National Prayer Breakfast

National Prayer Breakfast: Faith Helps Us Cross the Aisle

Lawmakers admit their need for guidance and direction at National Prayer Breakfast while extolling the benefits of prayer.
Christian athletes

Here Are the Christian Athletes to Watch at the Olympics

What better place for Christian athletes to talk about the peace offered through Jesus Christ than at the Olympic Games, a venue intended to promote peace and unity through the medium of sports.

It’s Time to Take Another Look at the Religious ‘Nones’

A lot of people that call themselves religious nones, as in no religion in particular, end up going back to the church. How can the church get them to stay?
Philadelphia eagles faith

Philadelphia Eagles Faith on Display After Exciting Victory

The Philadelphia Eagles' faith got first billing following a Super Bowl game for the ages.
Nick Foles

Nick Foles: A Pastor in Training in the Super Bowl

Nick Foles might be the starting quarterback in Super Bowl LII but he's looking forward to the day when he can be a pastor.
Judah Smith

How Judah Smith Stays Humble While in the Media Spotlight

Even while filming a pilot for Amazon or rubbing shoulders with Justin Bieber, pastor Judah Smith stays focused on ministry.
Rob Bell

New Documentary About Rob Bell Titled ‘The Heretic’

A new documentary follows Rob Bell and delves into the questions he raises about faith, religion and reaching people outside the church.
social media legal issues

These Are Social Media Legal Issues Your Church Needs to Know

Social media legal issues may be the latest headaches for church leaders. In Oklahoma, an online post of new baptisms almost got a man killed.
Passion Sequel Jim Caviezel

Jim Caviezel: Passion Sequel to Be ‘biggest film in history’

Jim Caviezel claims "The Passion" sequel will be the "biggest film in history."
Messenger Kids

This Facebook App Could Be a Danger to Your Child

A coalition of groups asks Facebook to scrap its Messenger Kids app claiming it harms the preteen children it's designed for.

Latest News

$1 Million Grant Provides Free Resources So You Can ‘Bless Your...

Want ideas for how to support your pastor? Recognizing that many church leaders “face significant financial challenges,” the new “Bless Your Pastor” campaign aims to raise awareness about those needs and assist church members in meeting them.

New Podcasts

Craig Gross Has High Praise for the Spiritual Use of Cannabis

“I think Christians sit on the sidelines of a lot of conversations," says Craig Gross. Craig's latest venture is a Christian cannabis website, and this week on our podcast, he talks about his personal journey with using marijuana and why it's important for Christians not to be afraid of this topic.