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Easter in Mosul

2018 Easter in Mosul: ISIL Is Gone, Christians Are Back

For the first time since 2014, Christians in Northern Iraq were able to celebrate Easter in Mosul without a significant fear that they would be killed.  
Austin Hatch

Miracle Michigan Basketball Player Is Happy to Sit on the Sidelines

Austin Hatch survived two plane crashes as a teenager. The odds of him being alive to watch his team in the Final Four is 1 in 11 quadrillion and 560 trillion.
Great Commission

Ever Heard of the ‘Great Commission’? 51% of Churchgoers Say No

More than half of churchgoers don't know what the "Great Commission" is. Only 17 percent say they know it means spreading the Gospel.
feeding the 5000

Churches’ Easter Outreach Idea Inspired by Jesus’ Miracle

A network of churches are using the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 people with just two fish and five loaves of bread as inspiration to feed the hungry near them.
Salvation Army Grocery Store

Salvation Army Opens Nonprofit Supermarket in Baltimore

The Salvation Army has opened its first-ever supermarket in Baltimore, Maryland. The 7,000-square-foot space provides everything you would expect at a supermarket—with substantial savings...
religious persecution

Turkey Declares American Pastor a Terrorist

Religious persecution in Turkey is growing as court case against American pastor Andrew Brunson equates evangelism with terrorism.
sanctuary church

Mayor Calls for Crackdown on Sanctuary Church

Springfield Massachusetts Mayor Domenic J. Sarno threatens church and is seeking to strip its tax-exempt status for housing undocumented immigrant.
mario lopezvideo

WATCH: Actor Mario Lopez Is Baptized in the Jordan River, Professes Faith in Jesus

"This is awesome! Wow! Just got baptized in the Jordan River. Hallelujah!”
Christian colleges and lgbt

Christian Colleges and LGBT Issues: Financial Trouble on the Horizon?

Could Title IX kill many of America’s Christian colleges?  It is a question that has the attention of many Christian educators.
Frank Page

SBC’s CEO of Executive Committee Resigns Over Moral Failure

Frank Page, the Southern Baptist Convention's CEO of the Executive Committee, resigned from his position on March 27, 2018 over "a morally inappropriate relationship...

Christian Cop Takes Place of Female Hostage in ISIS Terrorist Attack, Dies a Hero

“It seems to me that only his faith can explain the madness of this sacrifice which is today the admiration of all."
Skip Church This Easter

“Skip Church This Easter” Billboard Attracts Unchurched People in Detroit

"Skip Church This Easter" is the headline that has captured thousands of people's attention in the Detroit area. Ward Church in Northville, Michigan, has...

A 98-Year-Old Nun Steals the Show at the NCAA Tournament

The Loyola Chicago Ramblers haven’t made a NCAA Final Four appearance since 1963, but the biggest story out of the college arguably could be a nun, Sister Jean Dolores-Schmidt, the team’s 98-year-old chaplain.
I can only imagine

‘I Can Only Imagine’ in More Theaters this Weekend

"I Can Only Imagine" finished third in total box office sales last weekend but made more money per theater than any other movie.
Bill Hybels Misconduct

Update: John Ortberg Responds to Bill Hybels Allegations

Update April 3, 2018 John Ortberg has broken his silence on the allegations since the Chicago Tribune article was published. On April 2, 2018, Ortberg...
School Shootings

In Their Own Words: Christian Teens on School Shootings

Christian teens share their reactions to school shootings, walkouts and growing up in a media-saturated age. Their comments may surprise you!
Down Syndrome

The Pro-Life Argument for Raising Down Syndrome Awareness

World Down Syndrome Awareness day makes a compelling argument for being pro-life. No matter what kind of challenges a child may face, he or she has a right to life.
Jules Woodson

What the Church Needs to Learn From Jules Woodson

If we learn anything from the story of Jules Woodson, Andy Savage and Highpoint Church, it's that we have a lot to learn when it comes to properly handling sexual assault allegations.
andy savage

Andy Savage Resigning After ‘gain in perspective’ Over Abuse

Andy Savage said he would "step away from ministry in order to do everything I can to right the wrongs of the past."
Rachael Denhollander

Rachael Denhollander on Fox: Evangelicals and Abuse

Rachael Denhollander, the first woman to file a report against USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, spoke to Martha MacCallum on Fox News on Friday,...

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