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converting to Islam

People Are Converting to Islam. The Question Is ‘Why’?

Editor's Note: The research presented in this article is sobering. While it can be tempting to push the information aside, dismiss it as a...
religious tolerance

This Christian Man Built a Mosque for the Most Kind Reason

In a gesture of religious tolerance, Saji Cheriyan built a mosque after watching his workers take taxis to one several miles away.
Coptic martyrs

The Men in the Orange Jumpsuits Finally Return Home for Burial

The bodies of 20 Coptic martyrs who were beheaded by Islamic State terror group militants in February 2015 were finally laid to rest in Egypt's Minya province, more than three years after they were kidnapped.
Save the 8th

Are Facebook and Google Meddling in the Irish Abortion Vote?

Google and Facebook have placed severe restrictions on groups giving to Ireland's Save the 8th campaign ahead of this month's abortion referendum.
chinese bible

1,000+ Chinese Bibles Confiscated in ‘Porn Crackdown’

The 2018 crackdown on Christianity in China escalated this week as authorities confiscated more than a thousand Chinese Bibles when police raided five house churches in Shandong province in the east of the country.
Jerusalem embassy

Jerusalem Now Recognized as True Capital of the Jewish State

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu praised Donald Trump for “making history by recognizing history” at a ceremony dedicating the new U.S. Jerusalem embassy, while President Reuven Rivlin thanked the U.S. president for “keeping his promise.”
Indonesia Church Attacks

Family of IS Supporters Kill 13 in Indonesia Church Attacks

A family of Islamic State-affiliated suicide bombers attacked three churches in Surabaya, Indonesia, this morning. Thirteen people were killed and 41 injured as they...
Mobile Ultrasound

Dallas Church Celebrates Mother’s Day With a New Ultrasound Truck

The Prestonwood Pregnancy Center Mobile Ultrasound is a fully-equipped clinic to provide ultrasounds, pregnancy tests and counseling, among other medical services. The vehicle travels into the heart of neighborhoods and communities across Dallas-Fort Worth where abortion is most prevalent.
American Protestants

Protestants Have Gone From 50% to 36% of the Population

Of the five groups identified in the study—Protestant, Catholic, other Christians, other religions and no religion—only American Protestants suffered a decline.
Creative ways to share the gospel

Russian Churches Welcome Soccer Fans and Chance to Witness

Missionaries are finding creative ways to share the gospel with visitors to the 2018 World Cup in Russia: a country that is cracking down on evangelism.
define tithing

What Is a Tithe? Depends on Who You Ask

How should we define tithing? Most churchgoers believe the Bible commands Christians to tithe. But not everyone understands the word the same way.

New Initiative Hopes to Bridge the Divide in Evangelicalism

The Congress of Christian Leaders will seek to foster unity in evangelicalism and serve growing Christian movements across the globe. It will be anchored on an unwavering commitment to righteousness and justice.
Bill Hybels

Willow Creek: No Collusion in Bill Hybels Allegations

The elder board of Willow Creek gave an update last night concerning the investigation into allegations of sexual misconduct by Bill Hybels. Pam Orr,...
Anglican beliefs on homosexuality

New Zealand’s Anglican Church to Bless Same-Sex Marriage

Anglican beliefs on homosexuality are changing. In New Zealand Anglican priests will now be able to bless or refuse to conduct same-sex marriages or civil unions without penalty.  Same-sex marriages, however, are still not permitted to be conducted in churches.
faith based adoption

Adoption Agencies Can Do Business Their Way

Faith based adoption agencies in Kansas and Oklahoma will soon be getting legal protection if they refuse to place children in same sex homes.
pastor rick warren

Rick Warren: ‘It’s Not a Sin to Be Sick’

Pastor Rick Warren has praised a pastoral letter discussing mental health and the church. The letter, titled, “Hope and Healing,” calls for an end to the stigma around mental illness and for greater collaboration between science and medical professionals and people of faith.
First Baptist Sutherland Springs

First Baptist Sutherland Springs Rebuilds After the Mass Shooting

UPDATE May 8, 2018 Workers broke ground for Sutherland Spring's new worship center on May 5, 2018—six months after the tragedy that rocked the community. The...
United Methodist Church homosexuality

Can the One Church Plan Save the UMC From Schism?

A United Methodist Church homosexuality policy is proving difficult for the denomination to agree on. The Council of Bishops has reviewed three proposed policies and has given its recommendation for which stance the denomination should adopt.
Paige Patterson

UPDATE: 1,000+ SBC Women Call on Paige Patterson to Resign

The open letter to trustees of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary reads, “We cannot defend or support" the remarks by Paige Patterson. “No one should.”
North Korean hostages

Update: North Korea’s Three American Hostages Are All Christians

The North Korean hostages were doing missionary work alongside their regular occupations when they were arrested on a variety of alleged anti-state crimes, despite the fact that they appear to have journeyed to the diplomatically isolated nation to improve conditions for its 25 million citizens.

Latest News

North Point Church ‘Cannot Guarantee’ Safety, Won’t Reopen This Year

North Point Church Pastor Andy Stanley said the decision was made based on the uptick of COVID-19 cases in the area, the results of attendee surveys, and the experiences of similar-sized churches that have already reopened.

New Podcasts

Jeff Reed: Actually, Digital Church Is All About Relationships

You might think of digital church as being impersonal. But Jeff Reed says, "The strength of online church is relationships."