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I am married to an amazing, beautiful, sweet woman of God – Alyssa, I’m a dad!!! Kinsley Joy Bethke is my sweet little daughter, I wrote a book (so surreal!), I like to make creative videos.

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Church in Canada Fined $83K for Meeting for In-Person Worship

A church in Canada has been fined $83,000 dollars for exceeding government limitations on in-person worship on Jan. 24. Senior pastor Jacob Reaume says that Jesus is worth the cost.

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10 Ministry Questions You Should Ask Yourself Each Week

As you lead in children and family ministry, it's crucial to be self-aware and to keep asking yourself questions that will help you stay on course.  We often talk about having an accountability partner and that is a great thing.  But it's also just as important to keep yourself in check. 

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Christian Nationalism Podcast Series: Should Your Church Be Alarmed?

In our series on Christian Nationalism, host Jason Daye talks with Dr. Timothy Keller, Franklin Graham, Dr. Samuel Perry, and Dr. Glenn Packiam. You won't want to miss a single episode.