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1939–2017: founder of @Ligonier, founding pastor of Saint Andrew’s Chapel, and first president of @RefBibleCollege.

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Despite Judge’s Order, Church at Planned Parenthood Will Continue

A suit against the Church at Planned Parenthood and Ken Peters alleges that the worship services outside Planned Parenthood's clinic in Spokane are disruptive and prevent patients from receiving proper care.

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Should I Allow My Child to Question His or Her Faith?

In our home, we have a “no question is off limits” policy that has allowed for our kids to question things we do or things we believe when they don’t fully understand or know the reasons behind them.

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Kaitlyn Schiess: Do You Believe One of These 4 False Gospels?

"Politics is not just about policies and leaders," says Kaitlyn Schiess. "It's about the direction of our spiritual formation."