Articles for Children's Ministry Leaders

3 Characteristics of Highly Effective Kidmin Leaders

What does a highly effective children’s ministry leader look like?

Priority One: Communication With Parents

When we think we have communicated the message clearly, communicate it again.

Where is God? Children and Grief

Be prepared to minister to children as they experience grief and loss.

4 Things Kids Need and Want

Anyone who has ever tried to teach children understands that they can be maddeningly complex and yet wonderfully simple.

6 Questions Every Kidmin Leader Should Ask After a Big Event

Sam Luce: Planning the event is huge, but the thing that we often neglect is pulling the event apart.

Discipline That Disciples

Every time children misbehave, it's an opportunity to help them grow in Christlikeness.

The Transition From Preschool to Elementary

Here are some tips on how to ease the transition for kindergarteners to your elementary program.

Don't Steal the Show in Storytelling

During large group storytelling, everything said and done should help connect that story to the audience in a relevant way.

70 Things You Need to Know About Today's Kids

Dale Hudson reminds teachers of the cultural realities for today's kids.

Simple Children's Ministry

Greg Baird: "Church should be an example and a sanctuary to our families."

Is Your Kidmin Informational or Transformational?

Creating informed disciples is not enough.

Why Children Will Bring God's Blessings to Your Church

In Luke 18, one of the keys to Jesus' blessings is making children's ministry a priority. Dale Hudson explains why.

5 Reasons Your Kids Aren't Growing Spiritually in Your Ministry

If you fear your kids aren't growing, one of these reasons might be the culprit.

What is Family Ministry?

Jim Wideman: "God’s plan to reach the world has always included the family."

What the Gospel Demands of Parents

Sam Luce: Success as parents is based on connectedness to Christ.

3 Keys to Effective Recruiting in Children's Ministry

Greg Baird gives his quick tips for placing good team members in your ministry for the long haul.

Children's Ministers: Criticism Is Your Friend

Kenny Conley: Criticism is just about the only honest way we’re going to get better.

Why You Should Play Games at Church

Kids learn through play. It is a vital part of the learning process.

What Do Kids Really Need From Us?

Greg Baird narrows children's ministry down to the essentials in this inspiring article.

10 Traits of Highly Successful Children's Ministers

Dale Hudson: The good news is all of us can learn and acquire these traits.

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