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How can you use technology to help you do a better job in your ministry? What’s available and how do you decide what’s right for your church? There are so many considerations, it can get overwhelming.

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How to Protect Against Ransomware

How to Protect Against Ransomware

Ransomware is a serious threat that costs a lot of unbudgeted dollars to fix. Effective protection is available! Here’s what I recommend.

Technology in Small Groups – Is Google Attending Your Meeting?

Voice assistants can help with researching topics or getting definitions of words, record lists and notes, or even read Bible passages for the group. But there is also a downside to using this kind of technology in small groups.

Over 2,000 Churches Trust Together+ to Engage Their Members

Together+, powered by aware3, helps church members become active, generous participants through 4 easy-to-use tools.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Sound Techs

How well we work determines the results of our work. Here are habits all sound techs need to adopt and develop.
getting things done

5 GTD Apps to Simplify Your Processes

“Getting Things Done” isn’t about being superhuman. It’s about having the right tools and using them effectively. With GTD apps, it’s more Batman than Superman.

Communication Strategy – Streamline What You’re Saying

There are many good things we could be doing, but we want to focus our attention on what’s best. Sometimes, that means we need to adjust our communication strategy. Simplify how you’re communicating. Streamline what you’re saying.
online church events

Online Church Events Are Here to Stay — 3 Keys to Success

The entire world is figuring out how to work more online, and while some of us have been leading online church events for ten plus years, many churches are experiencing this new online reality for the first time.
cyber prayer

Facebook Prayers in the Age of Social Media: Is Anyone Listening?

Traditional prayer is the place we bump into the silence of God. Facebook prayers are how, together, we fill the void apart from the still small voice of the Spirit.
livestream worship services

Livestream Worship Services and the Power of Close Ups

With the explosion of filmmakers, social influencers, livestream worship services, and YouTube producers these days, when it comes to shooting video, there appears to be a significant lack of understanding the power of a close up.
church video for mother's day

10 Best Mother’s Day Church Videos That’ll Make Your Emotions Explode

From heart-felt (grab the tissues) to funny, these church videos help set the tone for Mother's Day ministry this year. #MothersDay #ChurchVideos
PTZ cameras

PTZ Cameras or Camcorders – Which Is Better For You?

More and more organizations are switching to pan/tilt/zoom cameras instead. Known as PTZ cameras, they have a lot of the same advantages as camcorders but offer perks those cameras just don’t have.

SentinelOne Control’s Anti-Malware Employs AI to Sense Zero-Hour Threats

My firm, MBS, recently changed its anti-malware spec to a solution called SentinelOne Control because it appears to be the strongest protection against ransomware and all other forms of malware.
attract young families to church

Want to Attract Young Families to Church? These Communication Tips May Help

Many churches in America have aging congregations and a constant prayer in all of them is that they attract young families to church.
pastors on tiktok

5 Pastors on TikTok Reaching People Beyond Their Churches

Pastors on TikTok represent the full range of Christian faith: on matters ranging from theology to current social issues. The diversity of opinions and personalities among these pastors are as wide and varied as all the pastors in your hometown.
future of live streaming

What’s the Future of Live-Streaming – And Why Aren’t We There Yet?

I’m distressed to say that I haven’t seen much innovation, and now that we’re moving back into the building, I’m concerned about the future of live-streaming. 

Church Online Giving Platforms – 5 Great Choices

Even while the Church’s mission remains unchanged throughout all generations, its practices will always be subject to change. For example, tithes and offerings: these...
auto tracking cameras

Best Auto Tracking Cameras for Church

As the demand for video streaming exponentially grows, auto tracking cameras are definitely changing the game. Here we have compiled the best auto tracking cameras available.
technology and marriage

Technology and Marriage – We Need to Set Boundaries

How can we use technology efficiently and effectively without ruining our relationships? Technology and marriage do not have to be against each other.
broadcasting church services

The Top Video Cameras for Broadcasting Church Services

Broadcasting church services has become as important as having a church website was 10 years ago. Live streaming is the new church standard.
new sound system

Expensive New Sound System – and Lousy Sound?

The state-of-the-art new sound system is rolled into the new church, and on the grand opening they end up with music that sounds like it came out of a tin can.

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