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3 Features of a Great Web Address for Your Church

What difference could a domain name make? Very simply, a great web address is your church’s digital front door that people have to enter through with a tap, or a click—and it represents their first experience with your church.

5 Ways to Increase Online Engagement

If you are like most pastors, you know that your church needs multiple ways to connect and engage with new and returning visitors. An excellent website is a must to cast your church’s vision, provide relevant information, stream services, and accept donations.

What Is the Very First Impression of Your Church?

Now more than ever, people are looking for spiritual connections online, just like every other aspect of their life. Understanding how people are searching for new church communities is essential to attracting new members and growing your ministry.

How to Use Church Presentation Software Effectively

A goal I strive for in everything I do related to church presentation software is this: “Prepare as much as you can beforehand so that you are ready for the arrival of the moment for which you have been planning.”

HuddleCam HD Review

The HuddleCam HD webcam gives you the same quality as their many other products, and it’s super affordable at around $90.

How to Make a Church Pre-Service Video That People Love to Share

Watch our pre-service video, then I’ll break down how to make one of your own.

How to Help People Find Your Church Online

If your church doesn’t have an online presence that’s easy to find, people won’t learn about your community. Let's take a look at how you can help people in your community find your church online.

When to Fire a Church Volunteer (And Why)

Not all help is actually helpful. When to fire church volunteers (and why).

Next Church: 10 Predictions for the Next 10 Years

What will the church, specifically in North America, look like in 10 years? Future church prediction is risky business.

5 Top Video Production Books To Up Your Game

These are the top five video production books on the market today. They are all designed to make it easier than ever for you to learn about video production and creating gorgeous videos you’ll be proud of.

10 Ways Worship Leaders and Audio Techs Need to Work Together

Why do audio techs and worship leaders frequently experience conflict, having a hard time supporting and respecting one another?

How I Use Technology for Sermon Prep

The following are some of the ways I use Logos technology for sermon prep (although much of what I write here is also transferrable to other Bible Software programs such as Bibleworks and Accordance).

7 Dangers and 7 Benefits of Church Technology

I’ll give you a brief description of the primary ways in which I use church technology in sermon preparation.

The Secret Battle Every Church Audio Technician Faces

To those who laugh at the idea of “spiritual warfare” on the equipment and the people in the technical arts of church audio, reconsider the power of worship and the enemy’s desire to make it stop.

Sound System Upgrade: 4 Must-Know Concepts

In order to have a successful sound system upgrade you first must master four fundamental terms that define how sound interacts with any architectural space.

Key Characteristics for a Church Communications Director

The role of church communications director communicating and connecting with that congregation is more important than ever.

Enhancing Your Church’s Video Streams with Multiple Cameras

Though recording or streaming a service with one camera is great, if you want to take your worship videography to the next level add an extra camera or two.

Thin Places – Where Architecture Meets God

I believe God transcends time and space, yet we seek God in very specific thin places and at very specific times.

Digital Leadership – It’s a Thing

I’m confident I can help people. I’ve learned a TON about digital leadership. I’ve gotten to practice it in some pretty great laboratories. I...

Church Sound Gear Selection and Set-up

Before you even start shopping for a sound gear, it’s important to remember that no sound system is complete without speakers.

Biden Renews Refugee Cap of 125,000 After Falling Far Short

President Biden again has set a refugee resettlement ceiling of 125,000 for the next year despite an expectation this year’s admissions will fall 100,000 short of that goal.

Jen Wilkin on the Biggest Obstacle Keeping People From Reading the...

Jen Wilkin joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain the challenges church leaders face with helping people engage the Bible, as well as some possible solutions.

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