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great last minute gifts

Great Last Minute Christmas Gifts for Church Musicians

Whether you are a worship leader looking for great last minute gifts for your team or you know a church musician, check out this list to bring something bright to the end of their year.

3 Keys to Digital Engagement Every Church Needs to Know 

There are two types of digital engagement churches need to focus on if they want to survive—and grow—in 2021. But almost every church I’ve seen during the pandemic has completely ignored one of them.
How To Reach a TikTok Teen With Your Church's Message

How To Reach a TikTok Teen With Your Church’s Message

What exactly is a TikTok Teen? They are young people who are hyper-engaged with social platforms online (especially video app TikTok, as the name would suggest).
Zoom meetings

Help! My Small Groups Are Tired of Zoom Meetings!

If you’re like most pastors, your small groups are tired of Zoom meetings. If people are working remotely, they are in a series of Zoom meetings all day long. As Nona Jones said, “The problem is that even though the meetings are different the experience is the same.” Zoom Fatigue is real.
Review: Optoma EH416 Projector - Power, Not Price

Review: Optoma EH416 Projector – Power, Not Price

While some 1080p projectors claim to offer impressive features, they tend to be overpriced and to fall flat. The Optoma EH416, however, is packed with great features which make it one of the most valuable projectors on the market today.
virtual churches

Do Virtual Churches Actually Exist?

Do virtual churches actually exist? Certainly, Christians can get online and watch a pastor preach on a live video stream. They can join a group chat. And God will use these things for good. But that doesn’t mean we should call these activities churches.
video production books

Christmas Gift Ideas: 5 Video Production Books

Learning video production can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a mentor who can talk you through what you need to know and...

7 Christmas Fellowship Ideas by Zoom

We’ll miss being with our families, but we’re grateful for the opportunities Zoom presents. In fact, here are some Christmas fellowship Zoom ideas we might not have considered otherwise—even if we simply record a Zoom greeting and send folks a link as a “video Christmas card”
continue live streaming

Lessons Learned: Why Churches Will Continue Live Streaming

The pandemic has forever impacted the way we do church, and I would strongly encourage you to continue live streaming – even if you’re back in the building.
Apple's Big Sur and M1 Chipset Upgrades: Proceed with Caution

Apple’s Big Sur and M1 Chipset Upgrades: Proceed with Caution

There’s a lot of excitement about Apple‘s Big Sur and M1 Chipset upgrades. I recommend ‘caution’ on moving forward too quickly on adopting either one. Here’s why.
social media

10 Proverbs for Consuming and Contributing on Social Media

Some abandon social media because the cost is greater than the benefit for them, and I applaud the decision when one concludes that for himself and makes appropriate adjustments. For me, the benefit still outweighs the cost. With that said, here are 10 Proverbs for wise social media use.
Beyond vMix - 8 Excellent Live Streaming Apps

Beyond vMix – 8 Excellent Live Streaming Apps

Different broadcasters have different needs but with today’s live streaming apps, it is easy to get professional results without spending a lot of money.
80 minutes a day on Tik Tok

Family Minister’s Experiment: 80 Minutes a Day on TikTok

Since kids and youth spend so much time hanging out here, I thought it would be a good idea for me to be there, too. So, I performed an experiment: 80 minutes a day on TikTok.
The COMPLETE Church Communicator’s Toolkit

The COMPLETE Church Communicator’s Toolkit

Leveraging the right set of tools can help you be more efficient and productive. So here’s a church communicator's toolkit to help you ease or even cut through the noise.
Your Church is FINALLY Getting a Website - But WHY?

Your Church is FINALLY Getting a Website – But WHY?

You’re in a meeting with your leaders, and everyone is in agreement that 1st Church of Smallchurchville (Don’t be offended, I pastor a small church) needs to come into the 21st century. But the haven’t given consideration to any church website objectives.
communications minister

5 Characteristics of a Successful Communications Minister

I’ve noticed over time there are some characteristics that are universal to be a successful communication ministers. If a communication minister can master these characteristics, they will find that their work as a communication will flourish.
social media addiction

The Dark Side – Social Media Addiction

Twenty people or so in one place were all engaged with a screen rather than a human. Out of curiosity, I googled the phrase social media addiction.
faithlife proclaim 3.0

LiveStream Review: Faithlife Proclaim 3.0 Software

If your church needs a way to get people to continue participating in services every week even when they stay at home, the Faithlife Proclaim 3.0 software can now make it happen with its live streaming capabilities.
diffusing social media tension

4 Steps to Diffusing Social Media Tension

The key to diffusing social media tension comes from scripture: “do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31) Treat others with respect and model behaviors and values that encourage positive posting from your followers.
text marketing

Use Text Message Marketing to Reach Your Church Community

People prefer texting over talking. This is especially true in the United States. That's why you need to consider text marketing.

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Pastor Helping Migrant Children Gets Heat From the Right and the...

Kevin Wallace, a pastor in Chattanooga, Tenn., has confirmed that his church is using one of its buildings to house unaccompanied migrant children from the U.S.-Mexico border.

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