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Church Communication Guide to Social Media Analytics

The most important tools in your church communication inventory are social media analytics. Here's how to use analytics to your advantage, and the trends for sharing content.

3 Snares of Subtweeting

While it may seem as though subtweeting is a more chartable approach to navigating the world of social media, there are a variety of serious dangers attached to it.

The ULTIMATE Guide To Church Stage Lighting Systems

Every person I interviewed about the best choices of church stage lighting told me the same thing: The industry standard is now LED lighting and it is timeless.

Technology and Marriage – We Need to Set Boundaries

How can we use technology efficiently and effectively without ruining our relationships? Technology and marriage do not have to be against each other.

10 Ways to Annoy the Church Sound Guy

If your church sound guy falls asleep on Sunday morning or decides to blast the congregation with 15 seconds of screaming feedback, nothing else can matter. So then it’s important not to annoy him.

The Benefits of Online Small Groups

Whether an online small group is a necessity or an opportunity for you, you will discover a new way to serve others and to grow with your online group. Online small groups are not perfect, but then again, no small group is perfect – online or offline.

Tips on Switching From Church Media Pro to Movie Career

As a public service, here’s some advice from people who understand where you’re coming from and have some recommendations about a movie career.

5 Christian Pastors Leading the Way on TikTok

Pastors on TikTok represent the full range of Christian faith: on matters ranging from theology to current social issues. The diversity of opinions and personalities among these pastors are as wide and varied as all the pastors in your hometown.

Product Review: HP LaserJet Pro – Dream Laser Printer for Your Church Office

While it’s not the best option for larger churches who have a lot of printing to do each month, the HP LaserJet Pro M227fdn is a great consideration for most churches because it can do so much more than just print.

Technology in Church – 4 Key Considerations

Yes, I want to use technology in church but I also want to heed some cautions that wise men and women have articulated.

How to Fix Audio Distortion

Audio distortion is a sign an input volume is too high, a speaker is doing more than it’s rated, or a piece of equipment has failed. Each reason for distortion has a solution which can be easily implemented.

5 Ways to Keep an Innovative Spirit Alive

I can clearly see that our initial lack of resources was the fuel for our innovative spirit. I never would have guessed that was true when we were under-resourced, though. I firmly believed in those early days our lack of resources KEPT us from innovating.

The Best Fog Machine for the Money

Choosing the best fog machine for a church to use can be tricky and frustrating, especially when working with a limited budget. No matter how much money you have in your budget, you want to make sure that you choose the best fog machine for your church.

Technolopy – How the Church is Shaped by Tools it Uses

Long before the smartphone and even a few years before widespread use of the Internet. This makes his assessment of the direction of our culture all the more prescient. Postman decried our move from a society that used tools into one that is now shaped by tools.

Sermon Sharing Advice – How to Reach an Audience

The best possible sermon sharing advice is simply this: put your message out there in as many ways as possible.

3 Keys to Digital Engagement Every Church Needs to Know 

There are two types of digital engagement churches need to focus on if they want to survive—and grow—in 2022. But almost every church I’ve seen during the pandemic has completely ignored one of them.

3 Features of a Great Web Address for Your Church

What difference could a domain name make? Very simply, a great web address is your church’s digital front door that people have to enter through with a tap, or a click—and it represents their first experience with your church.

5 Ways to Increase Online Engagement

If you are like most pastors, you know that your church needs multiple ways to connect and engage with new and returning visitors. An excellent website is a must to cast your church’s vision, provide relevant information, stream services, and accept donations.

What Is the Very First Impression of Your Church?

Now more than ever, people are looking for spiritual connections online, just like every other aspect of their life. Understanding how people are searching for new church communities is essential to attracting new members and growing your ministry.

How to Use Church Presentation Software Effectively

A goal I strive for in everything I do related to church presentation software is this: “Prepare as much as you can beforehand so that you are ready for the arrival of the moment for which you have been planning.”

Former Charlotte Pastor Frank Reich Named Carolina Panthers Head Coach

NFL head coach Frank Reich is returning to Charlotte, North Carolina, to coach the Carolina Panthers, a city where he pastored until 2007 when he left to coach in the NFL.

Holly Catterton Allen: How Your Church Can Help Children Be Spiritually...

Dr. Holly Catterton Allen joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain that, contrary to what we might assume, children are deeply spiritual and to share how churches can help kids develop resilience.

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