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Lineup for Pastors Conference Riles SBC Complementarians

Spoken word artist Hosanna Wong has already committed to performing at the SBC's Pastors Conference in June. But conservatives in the denomination want her disinvited.

Francis Chan at The Send: Stop Worrying About Staying Alive

Speaking at The Send conference in Brazil, Francis Chan challenged the crowd to count the cost of preserving their own lives instead of wholeheartedly following God.

Ken Feinberg Believes in the Good of the United Methodist Church

Renowned mediator Ken Feinberg offered his services pro bono to the United Methodist Church because he believes it is in the public's interest to preserve the "integrity and the effectiveness" of the UMC.

The National Prayer Breakfast Speech You Should Really Listen To

Harvard Professor Arthur Brooks' speech at the National Prayer Breakfast focused on following the words of Jesus concerning loving one's enemies. President Trump admitted Brooks' advice would be hard for him to follow.

Brazil’s President Joins 140,000 People at The Send Conference

The Send conference in Brazil reportedly saw 140,000 attendees eager to say “no” to apathy and to live purposefully for God. Among the thousands in attendance was the country’s president, Jair Bolsonaro.

This Is How Saddleback Celebrated 40 Years of Ministry

To celebrate its 40th birthday, Saddleback Church held a party yesterday for parishioners at its main campus in Lake Forest, California. Despite steady rain...

5 Films (and a Netflix Series) Christians Will Want to See in 2020

The new year has come and with it some exciting new Christian films and a Netflix series to watch. Spanning from love stories to documentaries to inspirational portrayals, these films will take you on a faith journey.

SBC President J.D. Greear Is the Worst Christian of 2019?

J.D. Greear, the President of the Southern Baptist Convention since 2018, was voted the worst Christian of the year in 2019. Greear pastors The Summit Church in North Carolina, one of Outreach Magazine's Fastest Growing Churches in America.

It’s Time for Night to Shine 2020, Tebow’s ‘Favorite Night of the Year’

Tim Tebow and his bride, Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters, are back in the States to celebrate Night to Shine 2020 after making stops in Albania, Paris and Rome—where they got to meet the pope.

72% of U.S. Pastors Concerned About ‘watered-down gospel’

The secularization of the nation is on the minds of many church leaders. In a survey of 500 U.S. senior pastors, the top two matters of concern cited were “watered-down gospel teachings” (72%) and “culture’s shift to a secular age” (66%).

Heated CRT/I Debate Overshadowing SBC’s Reconciliation Sunday

A 56-year-old observance of Racial Reconciliation Sunday in the Southern Baptist Convention is getting sucked into the recent debates around critical race theory and intersectionality.

A Year After He Was Fired, MacDonald Launches New Ministry

James MacDonald claims his new ministry, which seeks to equip a network of home church groups, will provide “all the impact of a large church but none of the drama.”

Buhari: ‘90% of Boko Haram Victims Are Muslim’

In an opinion piece published by Christianity Today, Nigeria's President Muhammadu Buhari claims that the vast majority of those victimized by Boko Haram are Muslim. The Christian Association in Nigeria is crying foul.

Wuhan Pastor: The Coronavirus Fight Is Also a Spiritual Battle

A pastor from Wuhan, the city in Hubei province, China, where the Coronavirus originated, has written an extensive letter asking people for prayer.

Kanye Performs Super Bowl Sunday, Rich Wilkerson Preaches

Kanye West and Rich Wilkerson, Jr. brought the Sunday Service to a 7,500-seat amphitheater located just 15 miles from the Super Bowl in Miami. Wilkerson's message included an invitation to receive Christ.

John Ortberg Hoping to Regain Trust After ‘poor judgment’ at Menlo Church

John Ortberg of Menlo Church in California was placed on an unplanned “personal leave” following concerns that he mishandled a church volunteer’s disclosure of experiencing sexual attraction to children.

Pastor with Active Tremors: I Was Unconscious of the Pain I was Absorbing

Church planter Dan White, Jr., recently shared his story on Facebook, showing that even if church leaders are intentionally pursuing rest, the challenges of ministry could be taking a massive toll on their spiritual and physical health.

What Did You Think About the Super Bowl Halftime Show?

The Super Bowl halftime show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira has sparked a heated debate online. Some are praising it as an example of female empowerment, while others are criticizing it as being tantamount to soft-core porn.

COE Walks Back Statement on Traditional Marriage, Kind of

Leaders in the Church of England are attempting to walk a statement back that affirmed the church's view on traditional marriage. Now leaders are saying the statement "jeopardised trust" unnecessarily.

Chiefs Kingdom Champs Keep the Faith—On Field and Off

It's the first Super Bowl victory for the Chiefs Kingdom in 50 years. For some Chiefs players, it's nothing short of an answer to prayer.

Focus on Gospel Vital in Reaching the Next Generation

Shane Pruitt and several other SBC leaders discussed the challenges and opportunities of ministering to Generation Z during a CP Stage panel at the SBC Annual Meeting in Anaheim, Calif.

Adam Wyatt: How To Be a Biblical Patriot, Not a Christian...

Dr. Adam Wyatt joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to talk about how the Bible supports the idea of loving one’s country–but not nationalism–and how pastors can navigate this volatile topic.

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