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MacDonald Sons Resign From Harvest, Moody Pulls Books

Landon MacDonald indicated the past few months at Harvest Bible Chapel have been “painful and heavy in ways I didn’t think possible.”

The Children of Catholic Priests Just Want to Be Acknowledged

The Vatican has confirmed it has a set of internal guidelines for what a Catholic priest should do if he were to father a child. But despite the fact that the church is aware that some of its priests are having children, its leaders have been slow to acknowledge this problem publicly.

Greear Names 10 Churches in Danger of Disfellowship Over Abuse

J.D. Greear addressed senior leaders in the Southern Baptist Convention Monday evening to outline how the convention would address the problems of sexual abuse and cover-up exposed by the Houston Chronicle recently.

New Update Helps Deaf People Understand the Gospel Better

Currently, only 2 percent of deaf people have heard the gospel, but the Deaf Bible Society is hoping to increase this percentage by using sign language to make the gospel more approachable and accessible.

Executive Leadership of Harvest Bible Chapel to Resign

Speaking for the Harvest elder board, William Sperling made several announcements about how the board will direct changes for the church in the coming months. Sweeping changes are in store, including an entirely new executive committee.

SBC Pastor: Denomination Has ‘moral obligation’ to Fund Database

Pastor Wade Burleson hasn't always seen eye to eye with the senior leadership of the Southern Baptist Convention, but that hasn't dissuaded him from trying to help the SBC change.

Al Mohler Regrets Not Speaking to Victims of Mahaney Scandal

Victims of abuse at Sovereign Grace Church have asked leaders to denounce C.J. Mahaney, who allegedly worked to cover up the abuse. Now, after a newspaper's investigative report, Al Mohler is apologizing for his endorsement of Mahaney.

Hillsong Church: We Are Not ‘Anti-Anyone’

Hillsong Church has issued a statement in the wake of the controversy following Chris Pratt’s appearance on "The Late Show" with Stephen Colbert, saying among other things, "We are not ‘anti-anyone.’"

Night to Shine’s 2019 Highlight Reel Will Give You All the Feels

On February 8, 655 churches across the globe hosted a “Night to Shine,” a prom night for people with special needs. The goal of the event, says Tim Tebow, is to "let people know that God loves them and that they are worthy."

$150,000 Donated After Church’s Fast From ‘frivolous spending’

In honor of Black History Month, Alfred Street Baptist Church underwent a fast from things like social media, sugar and even frivolous spending. The fruit of their efforts blessed college students at two historically black colleges.

Elders Fire James MacDonald, Believe He Is ‘Harmful’ to the Church

Citing leaked audio footage aired during a radio program, the elders of Harvest Bible Chapel "accelerated" their decision to fire Senior Pastor James MacDonald.

Chris Pratt Defends His Church From Anti-LGBTQ Allegations

Chris Pratt recently responded to criticism that he attends a church that promotes hatred against the LGBTQ+ community.

Police Believe Pastor Staged His Suicide to Look Like a Murder

A retired pastor in Michigan is believed to have staged his own death to look like a homicide in order to protect his family from the suicide stigma.

Asia Bibi Is ‘Free’ but Cannot Leave Pakistan

Asia Bibi remains in Pakistan despite having been acquitted nearly two weeks ago of any criminal charges.

Nashville’s 2 Million Residents Being Prayed for By Name

Nashville churches are united in a campaign to pray for every person in Nashville by name. The campaign is a month-long united effort of prayer and fasting.

Daigle and Kelly Win at the Grammy Awards

Christian artists Lauren Daigle and Tori Kelly both had big wins at last night’s 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

Beth Moore: The Very Sad Reason Some People Aren’t Shocked by Abuse

Beth Moore has taken to Twitter to respond to an article published by the Houston Chronicle profiling cases of sexual abuse in Southern Baptist Convention churches. Her response doesn't stray from her candid yet graceful style.

The SBC Can’t Blame Lack of Accountability on Church Autonomy

The latest iteration of the #churchtoo movement involves a six-month investigation into the Southern Baptist Convention completed by the Houston Chronicle.

How Kavanaugh and Gorsuch Did on Their First Pro-Life Test

Last Thursday, the Supreme Court temporarily blocked an abortion law that would have limited doctors in Louisiana to providing abortions only if they had “admitting privileges” to a hospital within 30 miles.

Trump Promises: ‘I will never let you down’ at National Prayer Breakfast

Despite misspeaking during his address, Trump was all confidence and promises during the 2019 National Prayer Breakfast.

‘Jesus Christ Is the Only Way’—Disney Star Joshua Bassett Shares His...

Joshua Bassett, one of the stars of Disney’s “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series,” has put his trust in Jesus, according to one of his recent tweets and comments he made in his Instagram stories.

Dallas Jenkins on Why ‘The Chosen’ Is Not ‘Adding to Scripture’

Dallas Jenkins joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain the principles that guide how “The Chosen” is created and why he believes “God has his hand” on the show.

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