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‘The Chosen,’ Season 4, Extends Its Run in Theaters at a Discount Ahead of Easter

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“The Chosen,” Season 4, is extending its run theaters at a discounted price for the three days before Easter, good news for fans who missed seeing all or part of the newest season in theaters and are waiting for the episodes to reach streaming.

“We wanted a way to bring you Season 4—all of it—for Easter,”  said “The Chosen” team in an email announcement Monday, March 18. “Unfortunately, as Dallas [Jenkins] recently explained, streaming isn’t an option yet, so instead here’s what we’re thinking—movie marathon!”

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‘The Chosen,’ Season 4, Extends Its Run on the Big Screen

Beginning Feb. 1, all eight episodes of Season 4 of “The Chosen,” the popular TV series based on the life of Jesus, had a staggered release in theaters. The final two episodes of the series released on Feb. 29.

On March 11, “The Chosen” creator Dallas Jenkins shared some “bad news”: The series will not be released to streaming platforms as soon as expected. “We cannot release Season 4 to streaming now, and there will be a delay, a delay longer than we anticipated and hoped for,” said Jenkins.  

Jenkins said the delay is due to “some legal matters that we are dealing with right now,” and he went on to explain just how expensive it is to create, translate and market “The Chosen” while continuing to offer it to viewers for free. The cost is “tens of millions of dollars, minimum, every year.”

What’s more, since there are three more seasons of “The Chosen” planned, the money earned by the series has to go into funding the upcoming seasons, not to mention the costs of the show’s company with its 60 full-time employees.

Jenkins did, however, share that the Come and See Foundation is planning to bring Season 4 to churches, as well as to prisons. He also revealed that the team was planning to bring earlier episodes back to theaters at a discounted price for people who missed them or could not afford to see them at normal ticket prices. 

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