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multiracial congregation

Despite the Multiracial Congregations Boom, Some Black Congregants Report Prejudice

29% of Black practicing Christians say they have experienced racial prejudice in multiracial congregations, compared to about a tenth who report such an experience in monoracial Black churches.

Al Mohler: The Current UMC Is Experiencing ‘Open Apostasy’ — Its Leadership Is Embracing...

Southern Baptist theologian Dr. Albert Mohler points to liberalism, sexual progressivism, and LGBTQ issues as culprits in the denomination’s demise.
mindfulness meditation

WARNING: Mindfulness Meditation Is Now a Staple in Public Schools…But Prayer Is Still Forbidden

Mindfulness meditation for public school teachers and their students has become a hot trend in American education. But it’s hypocritical for public schools to offer such practices while maintaining a ban on school prayer and Bible readings.
abortion restrictions

States—Two in Particular—Are Tightening Their Abortion Restrictions

Two states have tightened their abortion restrictions this week. Arizona and Oklahoma both passed laws making it illegal to perform an abortion if certain conditions are present.
Hillsong new jersey

Another Hillsong Leader Has Stepped Down Due to Infidelity

Hillsong Church has lost another leader. The Hillsong New Jersey Montclair campus’s creative director, Darnell Barrett, announced his resignation on Tuesday due to “infidelity” in his marriage.
alvin love iii

Alvin Love III on Pastoring a Half Black, Half White Church in 2020

Nashville Life Church is proud of the racial makeup of its congregation. But when 2020 happened, says Pastor Alvin Love III, “one of our greatest assets ended up becoming one of our greatest challenges.”
ravi zacharias scandal

John Piper: What Judas, Demas, and Hymenaeus Show Us About Ravi Zacharias

As Christians and church leaders continue to wrestle with the aftermath of the Ravi Zacharias scandal, pastor and author John Piper offers several insights from the lives of three New Testament ministers.
climate skepticism

It Appears That Evangelicals Are Losing Their Climate Skepticism

Data indicates that climate skepticism among white evangelicals has decreased. Last October, 44% said climate change was due "mostly to human activities."
georgia shooting

UPDATE: Hate Crime Charged to Three Men Involved in the Death of Ahmaud Arbery

The three men arrested for the Georgia shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in May 2020 have been charged with hate crimes by a federal grand jury.
jeff bucknam

Harvest Bible Chapel Announces New Lead Teaching Pastor–‘A Day We Have Been Praying For’

Harvest Bible Chapel has announced the church has selected Dr. Jeff Bucknam as its new lead teaching pastor: “God moved and answered our prayers in an amazing way."
patrick mahoney

For 70 Years the National Day of Prayer Was Held at the U.S. Capitol...

"For 70 years, there has been a public witness on the National Day of Prayer at the U.S. Capitol Building," says Rev. Patrick Mahoney. "Until today! Our request to have prayer service was denied."
sean mcdowell

Sean McDowell: How to Make Sense of All the Christians Deconstructing

Sean McDowell has insights and advice for believers shaken by the apparent rash of prominent Christians deconstructing their faith.
worship together

CDC Director: Masked, Fully Vaccinated People Can Safely Attend Worship Indoors

Fully vaccinated people who wear masks can now safely worship together indoors, says the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
jamie aten

Evangelical Leader Jamie Aten Advocated for the COVID-19 Vaccine…and Got a Death Threat

When Jamie Aten, executive director of the Humanitarian Disaster Institute at Wheaton College, began to urge his fellow evangelicals to get vaccinated, things got ugly.
2019 Easter Attack

UPDATE: Top Muslim Leader Arrested for ‘Aiding and Abetting’ Suicide Bombers in 2019 Easter...

A top Muslim leader has been arrested for allegedly “aiding and abetting the suicide bombers who committed the Easter Sunday carnage." The bombings took the lives of 269 people, including hero Ramesh Raju who denied entry to one of the bombers.
let us worship

‘Miracles Breaking Out’—Sean Feucht’s Worship Events Still Going Strong

As the anniversary of the first Let Us Worship event draws closer, worship leader and activist Sean Feucht is still calling the American church to revival—and speaking out about politics.
Rudolph Brooks

Pastor Rudolph Brooks Fraudulently Used PPP Money to Buy 39 Cars, Including a Tesla

Maryland pastor Rudolph Brooks Jr., has been charged with fraudulently obtaining $1.5 million in Payback Protection Program (PPP) loans. He allegedly used PPP money to purchase 39 cars, one of which was a 2018 Model 3 Tesla that cost $60k.
justice in the Bible

Tim Keller: What the Biblical View of Justice Shows Us About Racism

Is responsibility for sin individual or is it corporate? It’s both, argues pastor and author Timothy Keller in his article, "Justice in the Bible."
Generation Z

Generation Z Is Turning to the Occult for a Spiritual Path — Here’s Why

Generation Z has been the driving force behind the renewed popularity and mainstreaming of the age-old esoteric system. 
United Methodist Church

Prominent UMC Church Sees Pastor’s Reassignment as a ‘Hostile Takeover, Leaves Denomination

The largest United Methodist church in the Atlanta metropolitan region announced it is leaving the denomination over the reassignment of its lead pastor.

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Solace and Outright Support — Here’s the Christian Leaders’ Response to...

As Israel and Hamas inch closer to all-out war, critics wonder where some prominent Christian voices in America are. Since the explosion of long-simmering tensions, some criticize the tepid response—or even silence—from Christian leaders.

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