Bus crash Madagascar

34 Samaritan’s Purse Volunteers and Students Killed in Madagascar Bus Crash

According to reports, the wreck occurred when the packed bus plunged about 65 feet down a steep ravine after it struggled to climb a steep hill.
Global Leadership Summit quotes

The Top 50 Quotes From the Global Leadership Summit 2017

“We leaders love to be challenged. We thrive on challenges. It’s how God made us."
Sheryl Sandberg

Sheryl Sandberg: The Problem With the Way We Treat Girls

“I don’t think we encourage young girls to think of themselves as leaders and I think that needs to change,” the COO of Facebook says.

Bill Hybels: Incivility (Even in Christian Leadership) Is Killing Us

Hybels shares 10 rules every leader must follow to combat the caustic incivility invading not only American culture, but others as well.

Hillary Clinton—Coming to a Pulpit Near You?

"She is very comfortable in the pulpit...and she knows the Bible. That's why I think she'd make a great preacher," Hillary Clinton's pastor says.
eclipse Anne Graham Lotz

Anne Graham Lotz: I Will Not Be Celebrating the Eclipse—Gives Prophetic Warning About Significance

Lotz likens the scheduled eclipse-viewing parties and celebratory nature of "The Great American Eclipse" to the drunken feast thrown by King Belshazzar of Babylon in the book of Daniel.
Peter Jesus

Home City of Peter, Andrew and Philip Uncovered by Archaeologists

Archaeologists believe they have found the site of Bethsaida, where Peter, Andrew and Philip were from.

Vatican to American Catholics: Do Not Join Fundamentalist Evangelicals in ‘Ecumenism of Hate’

What unites these groups is a “nostalgic dream of a theocratic type of state”—a state in which “walls and purifying deportations” rid it of enemies such as Muslims.
Derek Carr

Derek Carr Shares About a Time He Prevented 3 Suicides by Obeying the Holy...

The experience “was amazing,” but left Carr surprisingly tired. “I’ve never felt so exhausted,” he recalls.
Joel Hunter

Joel Hunter Announces Departure From Northland After 32 Years: ‘My pastoral role in the...

"Jesus often taught in different synagogues but the bulk of his teaching and work was outside established religious settings. Following his way, I will seek to include the unincluded in the Kingdom."
DNA embryo scientists

Scientists Have Successfully Altered the DNA of a Human Embryo—What’s Next?

We're not to the point of engineering "designer babies," but we are a step closer.
Worship Leader Tauren Wells

Meet the Worship Leader on Tour With Lionel Richie and Mariah Carey

“It’s an amazing opportunity God has provided for me to share some of my new music," Tauren Wells says.
Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Named His Eldest Son for His Favorite Bible Verse

“My favorite verse of the Bible is Matthew 6:22: If thy eye be single, thy whole body will be full of light,” the actor shared in the interview.

The Reason You’re Officiating Fewer Weddings These Days

“The U.S. marriage rate—the number of new marriages per 1,000 people—has been falling for decades.”

Archaeological Discovery Suggests Pre-Destruction Jerusalem Was More Affluent and Bigger Than Originally Thought

The Israel Antiquities Authority say the findings "depict the affluence and character of Jerusalem, capital of the Judean Kingdom, and are mesmerizing proof of the city's demise at the hands of the Babylonians.”
Sam Brownback

Sam Brownback—Unpopular Kansas Governor—Nominated for Head Position in Office of International Religious Freedom

"Religious freedom is the first freedom. The choice of what you do with your own soul."
Haddon Robinson

‘Legendary Preacher’ Haddon Robinson as Remembered by Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

“We continue to thank God for Haddon's legacy and formative impact on the Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and the global church.”
Newspring Church Perry Noble

Newspring Church Answers the Question: Why Hasn’t Perry Noble Been Invited Back to Speak?

“We can’t speak for other churches. For us, Perry does not currently meet biblical qualifications.”
Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey Tells Former Inmates Jesus ‘walked through the gate of forgiveness’ on the...

"Serving the world with your work, that is the Eucharist, that is the Body of Christ." Jim Carrey told a group of former inmates.
China Community Atheist

Chinese Official: ‘Party members should be firm Marxist atheists’ and ‘stick to the party’s...

"Party members should be firm Marxist atheists, obey party rules and stick to the party's faith. They are not allowed to seek value and belief in religion."

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