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pastoral letter

5 Examples of Pastoral Letters About the Coronavirus

What information about the coronavirus outbreak should you put in your pastoral letter to your congregation? Here are some ideas from five pastors around the U.S.
ravi zacharias health

Ravi Zacharias Has Rare Form of Cancer

Ravi Zacharias health update: The apologist has recently learned that he has a rare form of cancer. The discovery was made by a surgeon while Zacharias underwent emergency surgery on his back.
south sudan

Former Muslim From Sudan Forced Into Hiding

“I saw them and heard them saying, ‘We will kill you because you left Islam and became infidel,’” he said of their attempt to burn down his home in the area between Sudan and South Sudan the afternoon of April 1, 2019.

Craig Groeschel Encourages Lonely People in Quarantine

On the thirteenth day of his quarantine, Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life.Church shared some thoughts for those who might feel “a bit discouraged” from being quarantined because of the coronavirus. 
brian "head" welch

Korn Guitarist Helps People Heal by Launching Wellness Centers

Brian “Head” Welch of the band Korn has recently launched a series of wellness centers to help people pursue healing of mind and body. At the same time, he and his daughter are continuing to share their story of redemption.
faith healing

Bethel’s Hands-on Faith Healing Work Stymied by Coronavirus

The 2,400 students at Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry often travel throughout Redding, asking strangers if they can touch and pray for them. Now, the church's faith healing practice has been put on pause due to the coronavirus.
jesus is lord

‘Sister Dory’ Villanueva Has Graduated to Heaven

Sister Dory Villanueva helped her husband, Brother Eddie Villanueva, build Jesus Is Lord Church Worldwide to become one of the biggest church movements in the world. The matriarch of an influential family, Sister Dory passed away at the age of 73 on Tuesday, March 10th.
greg laurie

Greg Laurie: Viral Fear Is Worse Than the Coronavirus

U.S. schools are closing, public events are being cancelled, and toilet paper is flying off the shelves, but Pastor Greg Laurie is encouraging his congregation not to give way to fear about the coronavirus.
sham shui po

Francis Chan Shares Rare Story About His Mother and God’s Goodness

Francis Chan has just moved to the Sham Shui Po neighborhood in Hong Kong with his family. The pastor shares a personal story about this neighborhood and a connection his mother had to it.
pastor in iran

Iranian Judge Upholds Pastor’s 5-Year Prison Sentence with No Trial

On February 25, 2020, authorities upheld the five-year prison sentence of a pastor in Iran. Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Khamenei, reportedly gave a judge authority to reject the pastor’s appeal without following proper court procedures. 
nano silver

Jim Bakker Ordered to Stop Peddling Coronavirus ‘Remedy’

The FDA, which has given Bakker and the other companies two days to respond, calls “the sale and promotion of fraudulent COVID-19 products” a “threat to the public health.” A recent interview on the televangelist's show touted its Nano Silver Solution as a remedy for coronavirus.
hindu extremists

Christian Leader in Madhya Pradesh, India Run Over by Motorcycles, Sources Say

Violence against Christians in India hit a new level on Tuesday (March 3) when Hindu extremists ran their motorcycles over a key evangelical leader after beating him, sources said.
Nigerian government

Nigerian Govt. Finally Admits Boko Haram Is Targeting Christians

The Nigerian government believes Boko Haram had to resort to “soft targets” such as churches and schools, and they’re bent on a “satanic strategy” of triggering a “religious war” and throwing the nation “into chaos.”
Pastor Raymond Koh

Her Husband Was Abducted, Now This Pastor’s Wife Is Being Recognized for Courage

Pastor Raymond Koh was walking to his car outside his house in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia on February 13, 2017 when he was abducted by...
bethlehem hotel

13 People from AL Church Stuck in Bethlehem Coronavirus Lockdown

A group from a church in Alabama is quarantined in a Bethlehem hotel after Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas declared a state of emergency Thursday.

Craig Groeschel Is Quarantined, But Healthy

Craig Groeschel and Bobby Gruenewald, pastors at Life.Church, have been quarantined due to being exposed to the coronavirus while attending a leadership conference in Germany.
East End Nashville

Family Credits East End Nashville Church With Saving Their Lives in Tornado

"The church has always been in the business of saving people, and I’m so glad we did,” Rev. Hoffman of East End Nashville told reporters. The church lost its bell tower and recently-renovated stained glass window.
emergency surgery

Ravi Zacharias in ‘severe’ Pain Following Emergency Surgery

Margie Zacharias says her husband, apologist Ravi Zacharias, is recovering at at a “much slower pace” than he had anticipated. Zacharias underwent emergency surgery almost two weeks ago.
Tennessee tornadoes

The Church Being the Church in Wake of Tennessee Tornadoes

“God is not only a master builder; he really is a master of rebuilding,” says Pastor Phillip Dunn, whose church was significantly damaged in the recent Tennessee tornadoes.
abortion case

First Major Abortion Case Comes to the New Supreme Court

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court heard the first significant abortion case the court has considered since the appointments of Justices Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.

Latest News

Paycheck Protection for Pastors: What You Need to Know

Paycheck Protection Program loans can be used for paying employee wages, benefits, and retirement funds. In a clarifying statement, the White House said churches and other religious organizations are eligible for these loans.

New Podcasts

Ken Boa: Suffering Is a Required Course in the University of...

"Suffering is not an elective," says Ken Boa. But even though we are guaranteed to experience pain in life, by God's grace we can still move toward joy.