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Dallas Jenkins Gives Season 4 Update on First Day of Filming ‘The Chosen,’ Season 5

Dallas Jenkins, creator and director of "The Chosen,” gave a few updates Thursday, April 11, from the set of Season 5, right before he and the cast and crew began filming the show’s next round of episodes.

‘In a Christian Worldview, Every Child Is a Wanted Child,’ Dr. Jeremiah Johnston Declares Ahead of Prestonwood’s CHOSEN Conference

This Saturday (April 13), Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, will host an emergency summit to address the urgent foster care and adoption needs in America and around the world. 

Florida Pastor Accused of Collecting Dead Person’s Social Security Benefits for Nearly 12 Years

Pastor Michael Gene Bryant of Greater Sweetfield Missionary Baptist Church in Miami faces multiple charges, including theft of government funds and making false statements to a federal agency. 

Experts Call for Vatican Judicial Reforms To Promote Transparency and a Fair Trial

Speakers at the conference said the institution still has a lot to do to better inform victims during canonical trials.

‘10,000 Reasons’ Singer Matt Redman and Wife Release Documentary Shining Light on UK Pastor’s Abuse

Grammy Award-winning worship artist Matt Redman and his wife, Beth, have released a short documentary shedding light on the abuse they and many others experienced under the leadership of Soul Survivor founder Mike Pilavachi.

Kirk Cameron Discusses Connection to ‘Quiet on Set’ Predator, Says He’s ‘Taking Back Children’s Entertainment’

Kirk Cameron has had personal experience interacting with convicted sex offender Brian Peck, one of the subjects of the recent docuseries, "Quiet on Set." Cameron said the "darkness" in children's entertainment is one reason he is creating his own kids show, “Adventures With Iggy and Mr. Kirk.” 

‘God Is Faithful!’—Pastor Confirms His Teenage Son Was Found Safe

After his teenage son Gunner was found safe this morning, South Carolina Pastor Brandon Blair proclaimed God’s faithfulness and thanked search participants.

Actor Alan Ritchson Doesn’t Understand Why Christians Support Trump—‘Trump Is a Rapist and a Con Man’

Alan Ritchson is never shy about what he thinks. Recently, he expressed anger that Christians have politically aligned themselves with Donald Trump, someone Ritchson characterized as "a rapist and a con man."

OJ Simpson Dead After Battle With Cancer, Once Said He ‘Could Have Been a Better Christian’

Orenthal James Simpson, better known to most as O.J. Simpson, died at the age of 76 on Wednesday (April 10).

As Trump Hawks Bible, Debate Over ‘Christian America’ Spreads Outside Church

During the heyday of American churchgoing, some presidents sought to use religion to unite the country. In the age of Trump, it is one more thing to fight over.

Baptist Leaders Urge House Speaker Mike Johnson To Support Ukrainian Christians

Southern Baptist leaders have written to U.S. House Speaker Mike Johnson, a member and former official of their denomination, urging him to support Ukraine in Russia’s war against its Eastern European neighbor.

Anthony Hopkins Portrays King Herod in Upcoming Biblical Thriller ‘Mary’; Joel Osteen Joins Marketing Campaign

In an upcoming film, Anthony Hopkins portrays King Herod in a "murderous pursuit of the newborn child." Houston Pastor Joel Osteen has joined the film's marketing team.

Florida Pastor Stabbed to Death by Man He Let Stay at Church Building, Police Say

A Florida man has been taken into custody following the death of Pastor Antwane Lenoir of Westview Baptist Church in Miami. 

New York Catholic Workers Bring New Growth With Rooftop Garden

For decades the Catholic Worker movement has served meals at its two soup kitchens at Maryhouse and St. Joseph House in Manhattan’s East Village.

Dozens of Christians Arrested After Shutting Down Senate Lunch in Protest of Gaza Famine

WASHINGTON (RNS) — “Woe to you who eat while others go hungry,” shouted two lines of Christian pastors and laypeople. With arms linked, they...

For Christians Raised in ‘High-Control’ Settings, Elections May Trigger Religious Trauma

Experts say that politics can be connected to religious trauma. For Americans of all political backgrounds, the mix of religion and politics in our political rhetoric can trigger trauma symptoms, ranging from panic attacks to chronic pain.

At Yale, Christian Pastors Sign a Declaration Opposing Religious Nationalism

A group of Christian pastors, theologians and scholars has signed a declaration committing the signers to preaching on “moral issues “ ahead of the 2024 election and opposing what the group calls "religious nationalism."

‘To Hell With the Devil’—For KING & COUNTRY Team Up With Lecrae and Stryper

This past Friday, Grammy Award-winning Christian music powerhouse for KING & COUNTRY released a creative cover of Stryper’s iconic Christian metal song “To Hell With The Devil (RISE).”

Megachurch Pastor Says ‘Sorry for Careless Words’ About Wedding Night but Defends ‘A Little Joking Around’

Texas Pastor Josh Howerton again defended comments he made in February about how men and women should behave on the wedding day and the wedding night, respectively. He also apologized for “careless words” and “if that joke fell on you the wrong way.”

‘We Are the Church’—Palestinian Pastor Calls for Unity Among Christians Amid Israel-Hamas War

Palestinian Pastor Ziyad Bannoura recently spoke to ChurchLeaders about his experiences before and during the Israel-Hamas war, sharing his hope for peace and unity.

‘Lyrics Matter’—Evangelist Shane Pruitt Sounds the Alarm on Taylor Swift’s New...

Pop star Taylor Swift has come under fire following the release of a surprise 31-song double album, titled "The Tortured Poets Department," last Friday (April 19). Some have criticized Swift, who has described herself as a Christian, for her “self-worshipping” lyrics that include biblical imagery. 

Rebecca McLaughlin on Whether Christians Can Agree To Disagree About Same-Sex...

Dr. Rebecca McLaughlin joins “The Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast” to talk about how church leaders can respond to common arguments that use the Bible to affirm same-sex relationships, the “why” behind God’s design for marriage, and the “beautiful and glorious vision” Christianity has for friendship.

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