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loving day

This Is Why Every June People Observe ‘Loving Day’

June 12 is recognized by many as "Loving Day" in honor of Richard and Mildred Loving, a couple whose case represented a significant triumph for civil rights. 

Greear Doesn’t Want to Use a Slave-Holder’s Gavel Anymore

“While we do not want to, nor could we, erase our history, it is time for this gavel to go back into the display case at the Executive Committee offices,” SBC President J.D. Greear wrote in an op-ed.

Clergy, Laity Share Harrowing COVID-19 Stories

The Rev. Dunford Cole was too ill with the coronavirus to help with worship services at the two churches he leads in south Alabama. But that didn't stop him from preaching. He shared a message from his hospital bed.
pastor matt chandler

Matt Chandler: We Need to Mourn with Those Who Mourn

Pastor Matt Chandler believes that right now Christians are giving up their inheritance of "the unity of spirit between all ethnicities born of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”
chris hodges

Chris Hodges Being ‘Canceled’ for Social Media Activity

Pastor Chris Hodges, an author and member of Evangelicals for Trump, had previously expressed a desire to quit social media because of its “distractions.”
sbc president

J.D. Greear: The Gospel Is Clear That Black Lives Matter

SBC president J.D. Greear has said that during the rest of his tenure he will lead the SBC in putting the gospel first in its response to several challenges—including political division, sexual abuse and racism.
culturally insensitive

Former Liberty Employee Sets Up ‘LUnderground Railroad’ for Those Who Want Out

While Jerry Falwell Jr. has apologized and removed the tweet from his account, the culturally insensitive move has been called the “cherry on top” of a problem of systemic racism at the Christian university.

Ministry Leaders Share: This Is What It’s Like to Be Black in America

Black pastors and ministry leaders share experiences with profiling in order to speak into our need for racial reconciliation.

Drew Brees’ Wife Makes Public Apology After Couple Receives Death Threats: “WE ARE THE...

Drew Brees' wife, Brittany, added to her husband's apology for "insensitive" comments the NFL star made about those who kneel during the national anthem.
following jesus

Glenn Packiam: If Your Faith Is Real, You Will Fight Injustice

There is a tendency among evangelicals to misunderstand what following Jesus really means. Preaching from the book of James, Pastor Glenn Packiam explains that true faith is inextricably linked to obeying God—and consequently to fighting for justice.
foot washing

Churches Take Cue From Bible, Mr. Rogers in Foot-Washing Ceremonies

During an episode of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood in 1969, when many public swimming pools still were segregated, Rogers invited Francois Clemmons, the show’s black police officer, to soak his feet with him in a kiddie pool on a hot day.
Tim Keller cancer

Please Pray for Tim Keller

Tim Keller cancer diagnosis: Retired pastor Tim Keller announced he has been diagnosed with cancer. Asking for prayers, the theologian says he will begin treatment in New York City this coming week.
Lifeway Research

SBC Sees Largest Decrease in Numbers in a Hundred Years

Data compiled for the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) by Lifeway Research reveals a two-percent decrease in U.S. church membership from 2018 to 2019.
be a part of the solution

Tony Evans: How to Be a Part of the Solution, Not Just the Complaint

“I encourage you to righteously protest unrighteousness, wherever you find it,” Tony Evans says in his video. However, his advice comes with a caveat: It’s not enough to protest. We also need to act in order to be a part of the solution.
emmanuel acho

Emmanuel Acho: Dear White People, This Is How You Can Help

Former NFL player Emmanuel Acho has started a video series called “Uncomfortable Conversations with a Black Man.” In the first installment, Acho responds to his white friends who want to know what they can do to help bring racial healing to the U.S.
Lahore high court

Christian Couple to Appeal Blasphemy Death Sentence at Lahore High Court

A Christian couple that has spent six years in prison are appealing their death sentence for blasphemy. The couple will face the Lahore high court later this month.

Faith Leaders, Police Pause to Pray Amid Protests

As some have turned to violence in response to the death of George Floyd, many faith leaders are doing what they can to support law enforcement as well as peaceful protesters—and in many cases, the police are responding in kind. 
Lauren Daigle instagram

Lauren Daigle Called Out for Staying Silent About George Floyd, Responds With Tearful Instagram...

Lauren Daigle instagram: The Christian singer posted a video about her silence on the killing of George Floyd and the subsequent outrage his death has stirred up.
Houston march

Joel Osteen: Floyd Death Not in Vain, Joins Houston March

Sixteen of Floyd’s family members attended the Houston march, along with other high-profile professional athletes, musicians, and faith leaders.
Mariann Edgar Budde

Trump Abused ‘our sacred space’ with Photo Op, Bishop Says

The bishop of St. John's says President Trump was wrong to use “the church as a backdrop in that way” when he posed in front of the damaged church holding a Bible. Others don't see it that way.

Latest News

SCOTUS Ruling Approves More Exemptions to Birth Control Mandate

The SCOUTS ruling, a victory for the Trump administration and the Catholic charity Little Sisters of the Poor, weakens the ACA's so-called contraceptive mandate, which has faced years of legal challenges.

New Podcasts

Jeff Reed: Actually, Digital Church Is All About Relationships

You might think of digital church as being impersonal. But Jeff Reed says, "The strength of online church is relationships."