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tennessee high school football

District Under Fire for High School Baptisms

In the latest Tennessee high school football news, a school district is in trouble because two student athletes were baptized on school property after practice on August 7th. The Freedom From Religion Foundation has accused the district of violating the Constitution and has taken action against it.
debt forgiveness

Church Erases Astonishing $43 Million in Debt In Just 10 Days

As word spreads about an innovative way to eliminate medical debts, more U.S. churches are participating in debt forgiveness; thereby freeing people from crushing financial...
new birth missionary baptist church

Jamal Bryant Lets Kanye Share About New Faith at New Birth This Weekend

The service at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday, September 15, 2019, may have been back to church Sunday, but there was another reason the congregation saw a surge of people visiting.
13 Reasons Why Your Church Isn’t Engaging In Worship

Top 5 Fastest Growing Churches in America

The top five fastest-growing churches in America are spread across the country and doing good things. Read about what makes each unique.
pastor greg laurie

Pastor Greg Laurie on Suicide: Hope Has the Last Word

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship delivered a message Thursday at a special service remembering the life of Jarrid Wilson. While Laurie had a number of exhortations for his listeners, he especially emphasized the preeminence of Jesus.
mental health in the church

Mental Health in the Church: Learning from (and for) Jarrid Wilson

Church pastor Jarrid Wilson died by suicide on September 9, 2019. In his life and writings, Jarrid Wilson challenged the issue of mental health in the church.
churches closing

How Creative Repurposing Is Resurrecting Dying Churches

It's alarming when we see churches closing. According to an often-quoted statistic, between 6,000 and 10,000 churches close each year. But some churches are finding innovative ways to stay alive.
jerry falwell jr

Falwell Turns to the FBI in Response to Scathing Exposé

Jerry Falwell Jr has asked the FBI to investigate what he calls a “criminal conspiracy” against him, a request that comes in response to POLITICO Magazine’s exposé about his leadership at Liberty University.
florida georgia line

Chris Tomlin Brings Church to Florida Georgia Line Concert

Country duo Florida Georgia Line surprised fans at a recent concert by bringing Christian artist and worship leader Chris Tomlin onstage. Tomlin performed one of his most well-known songs, leading the crowd in a moment of spontaneous worship.
While prayer services swept the nation after 9/11 in 2001, God used Billy Graham's 9/11 message at the prayer service called by President George Bush in the Washington National Cathedral.

Watch Billy Graham’s 9/11 Message From the Washington National Cathedral

While prayer services swept the nation after 9/11 in 2001, God used Billy Graham's 9/11 message at the prayer service called by President George Bush in the Washington National Cathedral.
Jarrid Wilson

Jarrid Wilson, Pastor, Author and Mental Health Advocate, Dies by Suicide This Week

Jarrid Wilson, pastor and author of Love Is Oxygen: How God Can Give You Life and Change Your World, died by suicide on Monday September 9, 2019. He died on World Suicide Prevention Day 2019.
downtown jacksonville

‘Desperate’ Church Sees Opportunity to Be a Better Neighbor

A 181-year-old church in downtown Jacksonville, Florida, has decided to dramatically downsize due to maintenance costs and steadily declining attendance. However, the move could be just what the church needs to continue its ministry in the community. 
reconciling ministries network

Not All Africans Support the Traditional Plan, FUMC Moheto Says

“We believe our process has begun and a time is coming when all these forms of homophobic and xenophobic expression in our United Methodist church will come to an end,” Rev. Mwita says
Christian football players in the NFL

17 NFL Players Who LOVE Jesus (and Football)

A new NFL season is about to begin and no matter which team you root for, there are several outspoken Christian players in the NFL who you might want to follow. Here are 17 to keep an eye on.
westside family church

100+ Kansas City Churches to Offer Dave Ramsey’s Program

Pastor Randy Frazee of Westside Family Church believes a well-known program can help Christians in Kansas City learn to be more generous as a result of getting out of debt and becoming financially stable.
change of heart

Benny Hinn Doesn’t Want to Be Rebuked When He Gets to Heaven

Hinn, 67, says his change of heart about the prosperity gospel and several other teachings wasn’t prompted by his critics (including nephew Costi Hinn) but by concerns about his legacy and by reading God’s Word.
Trevor Lawrence

Trevor Lawrence Is One College Student Who Goes to Church

During NewSpring Church's summer 2018 youth retreat, Trevor Lawrence rededicated his life to Jesus. He believes he was "truly saved" just before the football season that would crown Clemson the national champs.
interracial couple

Venue Owner’s Actions Highlight the Need for Careful Bible Study

The owner of a Mississippi wedding venue recently refused service to an interracial couple on the basis of her “Christian beliefs.” The owner has since apologized, and the incident is a good reminder of the importance of studying the Bible without assuming we know what it teaches.
bring your bible to school day

Drew Brees Blames Misleading Headline for Bring Your Bible to School Day Criticism

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees wasn't expecting the backlash he experienced after appearing in a promotional video for Focus on the Family's Bring Your Bible to School Day. He blames a misleading headline for the criticism.
border church

Church Offers Worship, Fellowship on Both Sides of the Wall

The Border Church is an open air, binational gathering that meets at the U.S-Mexico border between San Diego and Tijuana. In addition to providing a space for worship, the church helps protect an opportunity for those who are separated to have some contact with their loved ones.

Latest News

Ethiopia’s Evangelical Prime Minister Awarded Nobel Peace Prize

Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been awarded the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize. Ahmed, a Pentecostal Christian, orchestrated the reconciliation of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church as well as ending a stalemate with neighboring Eritrea.

New Podcasts

Dave Vance: If You Want to Reach Your City, You Need...

Pastor Dave Vance says it's easy for churches to make assumptions that stop them from meeting their cities' physical and spiritual needs. That was the situation his church was in before they started asking the questions that enabled them to begin reaching their community for Christ.

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