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terrorism in Africa

6 People Killed in African Church, Including Pastor, Two Sons

A pastor and his two sons are dead after gunmen opened fire during a church service in a northern town in Burkina Faso. Terrorism in Africa, especially in the western region of Africa, has been increasing in recent years.
Chip and Joanna Gaines

Chip and Jo Named in Time’s Top 100 Influential People

Chip and Joanna Gaines of Fixer Upper fame have been nominated for Time Magazine’s Top 100 Influential People for 2019. The Christian couple is...
stop abortion

Church at Planned Parenthood? Yes, You Read That Right.

In an attempt to stop abortion, a church in Spokane, Washington, has planted a church that is slightly different from other church plants. It is called the Church at Planned Parenthood, and the movement has spread throughout the state and even to other cities in the country.
craig gross

Thanks to Craig Gross, Christian Cannabis Is Now a Thing

Craig Gross, founder of, has made a bold move: He’s decided to start his own company selling weed, and he’s calling it Christian Cannabis.
suicide bomber

Heroic Worshiper Saved Lives by Confronting Suicide Bomber

Ramesh Raju followed his instincts and denied entry to a stranger at Zion Church in Sri Lanka Easter morning. His act saved many lives, although it cost him his own.
sex life

Want to Improve Your Sex Life? Read the Bible and Pray With Your Spouse

A new study indicates religious couples that are committed to reading the Bible together and praying experience more than just spiritual benefits.
women of the bible

This Woman Is Showing Us the Women of the Bible in a New Way

Dikla Laor is an Israeli photographer who has embarked on a fascinating and ambitious project: creating “interpretive images” of all of the women in the Hebrew Bible, whether or not they are mentioned by name. By doing so, she is showing us the women of the Bible in a new way.
Billy Graham Rule

There Are Actually 4 ‘Billy Graham Rule'(s)

Everyone in evangelical Christendom has heard of the Billy Graham Rule. But did you know Graham and his team actually had 4 rules of integrity they followed?
sunday service

People Look for Meaning at Kanye’s Easter ‘Service’

Kanye West has been holding what he calls "Sunday service." These are exclusive and private gatherings featuring gospel music. But this past Easter Sunday, he held one such service publicly at the popular music festival, Coachella. And people's reactions to this "service" can teach us a lot.
Rachel Held Evans

Rachel Held Evans Needs Your Prayers, Not Your Disclaimers

Many evangelical leaders are chiming in about Rachel Held Evans' medical condition. The message is simple: She needs your prayers, not your disclaimers.
Easter bombing

Sri Lankan Church Leaders: ‘Why Was This Not Prevented?’

The Easter bombing attacks in Sri Lanka are raising a lot of questions. Specifically, if officials were warned of a potential terrorist threat, why didn't they take action to prevent it?
Christian lifestyle

One Pastor to Another: Downsize and Join #TheJesusChallenge

Pastor Jomo Johnson is questioning what a Christian lifestyle looks like. He has issued #TheJesusChallenge, calling Christians to embrace minimalism for a year. The first person Johnson specifically directed his challenge to was megachurch pastor, John Gray.  
Three Churches Targeted in Multiple Sri Lanka Bombings, Death Toll Rising

Three Churches Targeted in Multiple Sri Lanka Bombings, Death Toll at 290

A police spokesman has confirmed the total death toll has risen to 290 people with over 450 people injured.
church fire

$1.9 M Raised for Burned Louisiana Churches After Notre Dame Fire

No one ever wants to experience a church fire, whether in France or Louisiana, but some good has emerged from tragedy. When influencers on Twitter encouraged followers to donate to three churches in Louisiana that were recently targeted by an arsonist, the result was a dramatic spike in donations.
associate pastor

Crucifixion Illustration for Youth ‘went too far,’ Church Admits

The associate pastor at Impact City Church attempted to teach youth about Jesus' crucifixion with an interactive sermon illustration. Unfortunately, the illustration caused more harm than good.
church vandalism

Every Day, Two Churches in France Are Vandalized

Church vandalism is on the rise in France. In 2018, an average of two attacks on churches per day occurred, and in February 2019, the country saw 50 such attacks.

A Human Chain and People Praying in the Streets: The Notre Dame Fire

Parisians knelt in the street yesterday, praying and singing “Ave Maria” as hundreds of firefighters struggled to save the iconic Notre Dame cathedral. Even though the spire of Notre Dame collapsed, the main structure has been saved, in addition to many of the cathedral’s relics.
Jesus' Resurrection

Did Jesus Actually Rise From the Dead? Majority UK Christians Not Sure

Did Jesus physically die and rise from the dead? How literally do you have to take the story of Jesus' resurrection in order to be a Christian? The BBC conducted an eye-opening poll.

94 Abortion Workers Respond to ‘Censored’ Unplanned Movie

Despite what Director Chuck Konzelman believes was an effort by Google and Twitter to censor the movie, hundreds of people have responded to the message of "Unplanned."
social media guidelines

UK Poised to Restrict Social Media “Likes” for Minors

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in the U.K. has just proposed a new “code of practice for online services” aimed at protecting children’s privacy. Among other things, the code includes social media guidelines restricting "likes" and "streaks."

Latest News

‘Unplanned’ Is Now Effectively Banned in Canada

Moviegoers in Canada will not currently be able to see the movie Unplanned in theaters. Three of the nation’s largest distributors have rejected the film, meaning it cannot even receive a rating.

New Podcasts

Anthony Thompson: What Happened When I Forgave My Wife’s Murderer

The Emanuel AME church shooting cut short the lives of nine people. Rev. Anthony Thompson lost his wife, Myra. He was also the first to publicly offer the shooter, Dylann Roof, forgiveness.