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Senate Takes Step Toward Codifying Same-Sex Marriage

The U.S. Senate took the first and an apparently decisive step Wednesday (Nov. 16) toward codifying same-sex marriage into law with the aid of more than one-fifth of Republicans in the chamber.

How Opposition to Prop 8 Led Latter-Day Saints To Back Senate’s Same-Sex Marriage Bill

The LDS’ backing of the Respect for Marriage Act, which came as a surprise to many who haven’t followed the church’s history, didn’t stem from their disappointment over Prop 8 alone.

Cardinal Asks Bishops To Challenge Lawmakers Who Want To Cut Ukraine Aid

America's newest cardinal, Robert McElroy, called on his fellow bishops to challenge lawmakers who want to cut Ukraine aid, urging prelates to speak out against leaders of a Republican majority in the next Congress angling to reduce U.S. support for the country as it battles Russian invaders.

As Trump Launches New Presidential Bid, Will Former Faith Advisers Back Him?

When Donald Trump launched his 2020 reelection bid, the event was riddled with faith-speak. But when Trump announced yet another White House bid Tuesday, he did so with a speech devoid of overt religious references.

Candace Cameron Bure Takes Heat From LGBTQ Advocates for Comments on ‘Traditional Marriage’

Former Hallmark movie and “Full House” star Candace Cameron Bure is taking heat for implying that her new cable channel, Great American Family, is unlikely to feature same-sex couples.

‘The Chosen’ Star Jonathan Roumie Doesn’t Feel Responsible To ‘Be Jesus,’ but Cites Prayer and Scripture as Essential to Playing Role ‘Authentically’

As the release of Season 3 of “The Chosen” approaches, Jonathan Roumie discussed his preparation for the role of Jesus and how he feels about being seen by many as the “21st century personification” of Christ. 

French Catholic Leaders Mired in Sexual Abuse Scandals Dig Themselves Deeper

French Catholic leaders initially played down clerical abuse when news of U.S. cases made headlines in The Boston Globe two decades ago, but the issue has now gone far beyond the “few bad apples” stage.

MacKenzie Scott Gives $15 Million to Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service

Novelist and philanthropist MacKenzie Scott has awarded Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service $15 million in donation funds, the single largest contribution in the advocacy organization’s 83-year history.

Tennessee Preacher and MAGA Celebrity Greg Locke Claims YouTube Has Banned Him

Greg Locke, a Tennessee pastor known for his viral videos about COVID-19, election conspiracies and witchcraft, claims YouTube has given him the boot.

Alaska’s Lone Hispanic Church Sees Spiritual Fruit in ‘Fertile Soil’

Members of Rescate Church, the only Hispanic Southern Baptist Church in Alaska, have seen great spiritual fruit and desire to continue growing their ministry by planting more Hispanic churches throughout the state.

Maryland/Delaware Increases CP Giving to Local Ministries

In 2023, the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware (BCMD) will increase by 11 percentage points the portion of Cooperative Program receipts retained for local ministries.

Beth Moore’s Tweet on Christian Nationalism Goes Viral

Best selling Christian author and Bible teacher Beth Moore didn’t leave any room for interpretation on where she stands when it comes to Christian nationalism.

Pastor Admonished for Skinny Jeans: ‘I’ll Let It Bring Me Closer to Jesus’

When an anonymous congregant scolded South Dakota Pastor Adam Weber for preaching in skinny jeans, he tried not to “become jaded because of it.”

‘It’s a Difficult Time’—Pastor Miles McPherson Addresses Former Church Elder Arrested for Torture, Murder of Adoptive Daughter

Pastor Miles McPherson of Rock Church in San Diego has shed more light on the recent arrest of one of the church’s former volunteers, Leticia McCormack. McCormack was charged with the torture and murder of her 11-year-old adoptive daughter, Arabella.

‘I Am Jesus Christ’ Video Game Allows Players a First-Person Gaming Experience as Jesus

A new video game called “I Am Jesus Christ” will allow players to assume the persona of Jesus of Nazareth for a first-person narrative style experience wherein they reenact the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

Canadian Artist Hopes To Be ‘Visual Ambassador’ of Pope Francis’ Message to Poor

A self-proclaimed “visual ambassador” of Pope Francis’ message, Canadian artist Timothy Schmalz is on his way to becoming the most prolific Catholic sculptor under the pontiff’s tenure, with another installation at the Vatican this week.

Did Faith Fall off a Cliff During COVID? New Study Says No.

Religious life in America was disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. But did it lead to a loss of faith as well as a decline in churchgoing?

Eastern University on Hold From CCCU After Dropping Ban on LGBTQ Faculty

Eastern University, a Christian school affiliated with the American Baptist Churches USA, has amended its policies to allow for hiring LGBTQ faculty and to add sexual orientation to its non-discrimination statement.

US Bishops To Elect New Leaders, Mark Abuse Reform Milestone

U.S. Catholic bishops began their fall meeting Monday, with an agenda that includes the election of new leaders — a vote that may signal whether they want to be more closely aligned with Pope Francis ' agenda or not.

Louisiana Churches Leave Methodist Denomination Amid Schism

The United Methodist Church, a mainstay of the American religious landscape, has cut ties with 58 churches in its Louisiana conference amid a nationwide schism within the Protestant denomination.

Not a Will Ferrell Movie: ‘Soccer Baby Jesus’ Is Real —...

FIFA initiated its highly anticipated month-long tournament known as The World Cup. That means fans of Mexico's team have already begun praying to "Soccer Baby Jesus" in hopes of capturing the coveted trophy.

Trillia Newbell: How Church Leaders Can Deal With Fear and Anxiety

Trillia Newbell joins the Stetzer ChurchLeaders Podcast to explain how the Lord has helped her with her fear and anxiety and also to share some thoughts on women in ministry.

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